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    From Leather to Intelligent Solutions – Continental Has Been Shaping the Industry with Drive Belts for 120 Years 01/09/2019
    From Leather to Intelligent Solutions – Continental Has Been Shaping the Industry with Drive Belts for 120 Years

    It all started with V-belts – and Continental drive technologies have been setting new standards ever since.

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    Continental and CLAAS Jointly Test Smart Belts for Enhanced Harvesting Efficiency and Reliability 25/08/2019
    Continental and CLAAS Jointly Test Smart Belts for Enhanced Harvesting Efficiency and Reliability

    Technology company developing new, smart power transmission belt for combine harvesters Sensor-based condition monitoring increases operational reliability of agricultural machines and enables service partners to carry out proactive service operations if required Machine operators and farmers can increase operational reliability of their vehicles, while distributors gain transparency about demand for spares Hanover, August 26, 2019. Technology company Continental and agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS are jointly testing a new, smart power transmission belt for combine harvesters. With this, Continental is taking another important step toward digitalization and connectivity in the agricultural sector and actively driving the trend toward smart farming. This involves integrating data technology and smart systems in drive belts, thereby delivering an efficient and environmentally aware harvesting and operational process. Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring, both important issues for the future, are increasingly becoming reality as a result. CLAAS tests smart belts in the field and in the lab Continental is working alongside an established partner in agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS, who has rigorously tested the new belt. “This digital belt concept allows unplanned downtime in the agricultural machine to be avoided. That saves time, material and money. In the future, our distributors will be able to contact customers proactively and agree necessary service dates at an early stage,” says Maik Zeuner, who is in charge of drive development at CLAAS. “In the predictive maintenance approach, the sensors in the belt ensure that we identify possible defects before they occur since the belt is subject to permanent surveillance. That offers all involved a great deal more room for maneuver and certainty.” Previously, it was only possible to check the belt after specified periods or in the event of anomalies – but not while in operation. “The new smart variable-speed belt will make this possible in the future. The ability to connect all the sensor data will be the decisive benefit of predictive maintenance,” adds Thorsten Schwefe, who is Continental’s key account manager with responsibility for power transmission belts in the agricultural sector. The belt has already proved its toughness and durability previously, withstanding some 22 million flexing cycles during harvesting. Over the entire period of field testing, data was gathered from an area of 4220 hectares. The electronics in the belts withstood over 140 million flexing cycles during this time. There is nothing magical or random about this glimpse of the future; evaluation of the data delivers concrete statements about the condition of the belt and the stresses on upstream and downstream components. That is an important aspect because a defective belt not infrequently triggers a kind of domino effect that affects other components. “The smart belt allows us to significantly reduce this risk,” emphasizes Schwefe. Prevention is the word in modern farming. Identifying malfunctions and defects in machines and vehicles in advance and carrying out scheduled actions are key factors for agricultural machinery manufacturers, contractors and farmers in achieving efficient operations. Continental is supporting these processes with a variable-speed belt featuring an integral sensor. This transmits condition-related data to a receiver installed in the agricultural machine. There, the data is captured, sent to the Continental cloud and interpreted by an algorithm. “We can then see whether a belt drive is currently overloaded and machine settings have to be adjusted – and all that happens in real time. In the future, we will also be able to make predictions about maintenance and about the right time to change the belt,” says Schwefe. “We’re breaking new ground in the industry with this solution. Data-based condition information on power transmission belts has not been a common feature in the farming industry to date.” The challenge of short harvest periods The reliability of agricultural machines is all the more important, given that harvest times are relatively short in general – in the case of cereals, for instance, around eight weeks per year. During that time, combine harvesters and the like have to work smoothly and without malfunctioning, otherwise bottlenecks occur right along the process chain. “The transparency that our smart belt will offer in the future will enable machine operators to reduce costs and farmers to increase their revenues. The fact that a smart belt will increase the reliability of the machines means that spare parts can be ordered, delivered and fitted in accordance with a defined, detailed schedule,” says Schwefe. “The time is ripe for such a solution. Our studies show that there is a high demand for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance on the part of customers but, at the same time, a relatively low level of satisfaction with the solutions to date.” The possibility of cost control and also the time factor played an important role here, he added. The outcome of the smart variable-speed belt will therefore not only be to substantially increase the operational reliability of agricultural machines; thanks to this technology, service partners and manufacturers will also be able to comprehensively improve their response time, availability and service level. Continental is looking forward to engaging with customers at the world-leading Agritechnica trade show from November 10 to 16 to discuss future potential applications. Here you can download the video Here you‘ll find all information on  Agritechnica .

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    Continental Invests in Production Systems for Agricultural Industry at Hanover Site 21/08/2019
    Continental Invests in Production Systems for Agricultural Industry at Hanover Site

    Technology company expands power transmission belt production.

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    Continental Focuses More Closely on Agricultural Business, Concentrating on Smart Farming 18/08/2019
    Continental Focuses More Closely on Agricultural Business, Concentrating on Smart Farming

    Executive Board member Hans-Jürgen Duensing: “Smart farming is the feedstock for the field of the future.”

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    Continental Launches New Partnership with Kalkhoff 04/07/2019
    Continental Launches New Partnership with Kalkhoff

    New eBike models equipped with Continental eBike System.

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    Continental Expands Industrial Hose Business by Acquiring Thermoplastic Specialist Merlett Group 30/06/2019
    Continental Expands Industrial Hose Business by Acquiring Thermoplastic Specialist Merlett Group

    Acquisition to expand material expertise beyond rubber for industrial fluid solutions

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    Continental Expands Product Portfolio to Include New Commercial Vehicle Drive Belts 28/05/2019
    Continental Expands Product Portfolio to Include New Commercial Vehicle Drive Belts

    40 new multi V-belt types for Mercedes-Benz, MAN and DAF commercial vehicles

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    Closed-Trough Conveyor Belts Ensure Energy-Efficient and Low-Dust Coal Transport in China 28/05/2019
    Closed-Trough Conveyor Belts Ensure Energy-Efficient and Low-Dust Coal Transport in China

    Closed-trough conveyor belts enable clean material transport through rough terrain at one of China’s largest coal mining sites

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    Continental Wins Four Interzum Awards 23/05/2019
    Continental Wins Four Interzum Awards

    Surfaces honored for high product quality at leading international trade show Cologne, May 24, 2019. Technology company Continental is showcasing surfaces for the global furniture industry at Interzum in Cologne from May 21–24, 2019. The seven product innovations and new concepts that the company is unveiling at the leading international trade show for furniture production and interior design will stimulate designs for the living spaces of tomorrow. Four award-winning products Four Continental products were winners for their high product quality in the Material and Surfaces category of the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design 2019. Three of these – one upholstery material, two furniture films – are new products celebrating their premiere at the show under the skai product brand. The other award winner is the breathable laif VyP Nappa upholstery material, which was launched in 2018. This is no less than the fourth award for the material, following the Materialica Design & Technology Award gold medal, the German Innovation Award and the German Design Award. Exhibits featuring the award-winning surfaces are on display in the Interzum Award special exhibitions. For Ralf Imbery, who is responsible for design, digitalization and marketing at the surface specialist, the awards are no accident: “We are, of course, proud of and delighted about the appreciation shown to our products. The high design quality and technical development expertise embodied in our global team ensure we have a lead over the competition. Our goal is to consolidate and further extend that lead. These latest awards are evidence that we’re on the right track. They therefore validate what we have achieved to date while at the same time spurring us on to not let up.” PVC-free alternative The newly developed skai Pureto EN is an alternative to conventional synthetic upholstery materials as it is PVC-free. The material is manufactured from a water-based, but very robust polyurethane system that is solvent-free and therefore sustainable. Its soft feel and solid touch enhance the furniture’s high level of comfort. The surface is embellished with a classic, fine calf leather grain. The pastel color range picks up modern trend colors from the Continental TrendCode and is suitable for furniture in office, hotel and hospitality settings. Breathable for enhanced comfort laif VyP Nappa marks the next generation of breathable upholstery materials. The vinyl/polyurethane hybrid combines the benefits of the two materials: the soft surface is durable and tough at the same time. The raw materials contain no conventional solvents and are manufactured using high-quality, water-based polyurethane systems, and that also applies to the coating. laif VyP Nappa is permeable to air and water vapor. The material is tear-resistant, highly wear-resistant and easy to clean. It comes into its own as a contract seat covering, particularly on seating designed for extended periods of sitting. Like handcrafted metal Metallic surfaces in all their facets are much in demand on kitchen and bathroom furniture and on cabinets. Effects that look handcrafted supplement and enhance their impact, such as the newly developed METALSPIN embossed finish for furniture films. Their iridescent polished texture brings out the full beauty of the skai Colore Magic Collection’s metallic solid colors. The laser engraving with its precision down to the nano level yields deceptively realistic, delicate results. This surface with its circular “wear and tear marks” follows the ongoing vintage trend and offers a clear differentiation from classic solid colors. Matte as a counterpoint The new ULTRA embossed finish gives solid colors a deep matte look and feel, resulting in a surface with an especially premium appearance. The surface, which is embossed at the nano level, particularly demonstrates its strengths with dark colors, for example skai Colore Structure ULTRA Black: Despite the fine feel, the furniture film has particularly good technical characteristics in operation. It is tough and highly resistant to scratching and soiling. With its dry, extremely matte feel, it looks as if it has been sandblasted to a fine finish. This surface forms a counterpoint to the machined-looking, more heavily textured surfaces. Interzum Awards for the tenth time As part of the trade show, the best products from the international furniture supply industry are honored by a panel of judges in the Interzum Award: Intelligent Material & Design. Participation in the design competition, which trade show organizer Koelnmesse has now sponsored for the tenth time in collaboration with Red Dot, is reserved exclusively for the exhibitors at Interzum. The award underlines the importance of design as a value-adding factor and is used by the winners as an influential label that sets them positively apart from the competition in a highly competitive environment. Trendsetting In addition to new surfaces, the Continental booth (hall 6, booth E40) is also highlighting the company’s expertise in the contract area with its surface-specific requirements. These are presented to architects, planners and designers using the example of a hotel lobby. The company is using the features offered by digitalization to speak to this discerning target group: At the center of it all is the new skai Design Lab, a web-based tool that reflects the ongoing trend toward customization and that will rather revolutionize the process of design development. This will enable customers to create new designs for projects from wherever they are in the world with just a few clicks.

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    Upholstered Surfaces for Urban Environments:  Digital, Individual, Breathable, Cool 14/05/2019
    Upholstered Surfaces for Urban Environments: Digital, Individual, Breathable, Cool

    skai Design Lab makes it possible to change designs for digitally printed upholstered surfaces.

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