• Cleated Conveyor Belts EMEA
      Cleated Conveyor Belts

      Ideal for the steep-conveying of bulk materials such as coal, coke, clinker brick and sand as well as hot goods and goods containing oil and grease.

    • Flexowell - Corrugated Sidewall Belts
      Flexowell - Corrugated Sidewall Belts

      For the horizontal, steep-incline and vertical transportation of all types of bulk material.

    • Pocketlift - Vertical Conveying in a Pocket
      Pocketlift - Vertical Conveying in a Pocket

      Pocketlift technology is offering mining industry the possibility of achieving a continuous mass flow over a lift height of several hundred meters.

    • Sicon - Pouch Conveyor Belts
      Sicon - Pouch Conveyor Belts

      Sicon conveyor belts consist of a pear shaped “pouch” and are manufactured from highly flexible rubber: clean, safe and able to negotiate curves of up to 180°.

    • Saatbänder & Elevatorgurte
      Saatbänder & Elevatorgurte

      Kartoffeln exakt platzieren: Continental liefert flache und profilierte Basisgewebegurte, beispielsweise für kompakte Kartoffellegemaschinen.