Full Testing Capability Centralized for NAFTA Region

A central, nine-strong R&D team specifically for customers in the NAFTA region has started work at its base in the Air-Conditioning Center of Competence in Rochester Hills, Michigan/USA.

The lab is furnished with state-of-the-art facilities, including equipment for vibration testing, which is important in ensuring the durability and noise-damping properties of the lines. These tests can also incorporate temperature changes in order to achieve results which are as close as possible to real-world performance.

The heat resistance of hoses and lines is tested in four ovens in order to rule out increased permeation or premature aging. Temperature changes are simulated in five heat chambers. Hydraulic chambers are available for pulsed-load testing, as are facilities for stretchability, bursting pressure and leakage tests. “As a result, we are now also able to offer our NAFTA customers our complete test spectrum on site,” emphasizes Head of NAFTA R&D Dean Christie. The lab also has all the facilities required for specific developments.


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