The Length of India on Three Wheels for Charity

At a rickshaw run, Continental employees collect donations for children on long-term ventilation.

The Length of India on Three Wheels for CharityPhoto: © The Adventurist
At the annual Rickshaw Run in India, 70 teams from right around the world will be venturing on a grueling journey. On three wheels with a 7 hp engine, the participants will be stretched to breaking point on the 3500 km trip. They will tackle four climate zones, an altitude difference of 2500 meters and temperature fluctuations of 30°C. As if all that were not enough, they set off during the monsoon period in August. No wonder, then, that one rickshaw in every three does not make it to the finishing line.
The Length of India on Three Wheels for CharityPhoto: © The Adventurist

Among those accepting this challenge in this year are three employees of Continental. But there is more than just curiosity and a love of adventure behind the idea. The team is committed to helping children on long-term ventilation, who require extremely intensive, round-the-clock care and whose parents use all their financial resources to make their lives as good as possible. To support the project, you can donate to the Kinderhaus Luftikus charity via the website By doing so, you will also increase the chances of the team gaining a good placing in the Rickshaw Run. That’s because when the UK organizers “The Adventurists” set the race up in 2006, they decided that each team’s placing at the end of the race would be made up of three elements. Apart from the time, account will also be taken of the creativity with which the rickshaw has been decorated and modified; in addition, each team must attempt to raise as much funding through donations as possible for a charitable organization of their choice by the time they reach the finish.