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Lactopal food hose proves itself in ice cream production.

The quiet background star

Without high-quality hoses, it’s impossible to produce ice cream, especially high-quality organic ice cream. The popular show “Der Vorkoster” (The Taster) on WDR TV proved as much. On the show, the TV team visited a mid-sized ice cream manufacturer near Osnabrück who uses the Lactopal food and beverage hose to transport a variety of ingredients.

A discussion with the product developer makes it clear how sensitive the ice cream production process is. New raw ingredients are delivered every other day, and are made into high-quality ice cream in just 30 hours. In this case, the camera captured the production of organic vanilla ice cream pops. Skim milk, heavy cream, various types of sugars, skim milk powder, egg yolk, cocoa powder and bourbon vanilla extract were mixed and heated at controlled temperatures according to precisely defined procedures.

The quiet background star

Pasteurization is then used to kill microorganisms. Afterward, homogenization reduces the diameter of fat globules to make the ice cream creamier. Finally, the mixture has to rest for 24 hours before becoming ice cream in the actual ice cream machine, the freezer.

Lactopal hoses are used to both transport liquid raw ingredients as well as semifinished products in various stages of production. The hose’s high quality was the reason it won the 2016 Ringier Technology Innovation Award in Shanghai in the “Food & Beverage Industry” category.

The TV report is available via the WDR TV media library WDR TV media library until May 5, 2018. The Lactopal hose makes its entrance at 26:30. Enjoy the video!