New Production Facility in Mexico

Less emissions: ContiTech is manufacturing innovative air induction systems for the North and South American markets in San Luis Potosí.

New Production Facility in Mexico

ContiTech has opened a new production facility in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The plant was built to produce air induction systems for the local markets in North and South America. “Together with our existing sites in the region, we now have an excellent setup to serve our customer base with superior mobile fluid handling solutions,” said Stefan Hoheisel, Head of the Air Induction Systems segment of ContiTech Mobile Fluid Systems, during the opening ceremony. The new plant will strengthen ContiTech’s market position as one of the world’s largest manufacturer of line systems for turbochargers.

The innovative air induction systems will increase turbocharged vehicles’ engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and support efforts to create a better environment through less emissions. “With our fully automated 3D blow molding production, we do not only guarantee high efficiency but we can also sustain a superior quality level,” said Andreas Heinze, plant manager of the new facility in San Luis Potosí. Moreover, the state-of-the-art assembly is designed by the latest ergonomic standards to offer a comfortable work environment for employees.

With the new plant, numerous career opportunities are being created as well. By the end of 2017, Continental will employ around 160 new co-workers in the new plant in San Luis Potosí. Due to expected further growth, this number is likely to increase to 220 employees during 2018.