CONTI® MultiProtect

High-performance cord and splice monitoring systems for Continental conveyor belts
CONTI® MultiProtect

CONTI® MultiProtect is a permanent magnetic system that monitors equally spaced embedded rip inserts that are magnetized.  When using the MultiProtect flat array, systems can monitor for steel cord damage and splice integrity in addition to rip monitoring. Special pipe belt application allows for the rip insert functionality to also be used for orientation/rotation.

Key features

  • Cord damage detection
  • Belt splice monitoring
  • Longitudinal rip detection
  • Pipe belt application


  • Discontinuity in cord results in magnetic anomalies
  • Permanent magnet magnetizes steel cables in conveyor belt
  • At cable ends or breaks the magnetic flux lines exit the belt surface
  • Sensor array maps belts magnetic characteristics


Cord damage detection

  • User defined alarm levels
  • Interactive display
  • Damage reporting

 Splice monitoring

  • Magnetic image of splice
  • Chronological images of splice
  • Splice condition monitoring

 Longitudinal rip detection

  • Pliable embedded insert design
  • Establishes rip sensor map
  • Monitors rip insert images

 Pipe belt position monitoring

  • Rip insert imaged
  • Rip insert position detected
  • Pipe belt orientation monitored