CONTI® RipProtect

High-performance belt rip detection systems for Continental conveyor belts
CONTI® RipProtect

CONTI® RipProtect is a permanent radio frequency system that detects and minimizes longitudinal conveyor belt rips by monitoring the condition of a series of embedded inductive sensor loops.

Key features

  • Belt rip monitoring with “inverted” Figure “8” antennae
  • Optional antenna identification with RFID


  • Transmit and receive radio frequency technology used to electrically couple through passing antennae
  • Transmitter induces electrical current in a good loop that the receiver detects
  • PLC tracks loop signal acc. to loop plan
  • If a longitudinal belt rip occurs sensor loop is ripped also
  • Transmitter induces electrical current in ripped loop, loop das not transmit signal and receiver does not detect signal
  • PLC misses signal in loop plan and alarms or stops conveyor


  • Majority of longitudinal belt rips occur near material loading 
  • Second monitoring point after take-up possible
  • Belt movement is monitored using a proximity sensor & targets on a system pulley
  • Loop separation is monitored by the number of targets detected between loop detections

System benefits

  • Touch Screen: Easy to navigate with touch screen interface
  • Auto Synchronization: Belt map and passing conveyor synchronizes with RFID tag reads
  • RFID Tags: Unique identification of sensor loops for loop identification and traceability
  • Auto Calibration: Reduces calibration time and minimizes errors
  • Cycle Counter: Provides pulse for site to monitor completed belt revolution
  • Stop at Loop: Stops belt at a given location for maintenance
  • Low profile Tags: Allows thinner belt covers
  • Versatile: Use in fabric or steel cord belting
  • Flexibility: Requires only 2 RFID tags to be functional