CONTI® TotalProtect

High-performance belt monitoring systems for Continental conveyor belts
CONTI® TotalProtect

CONTI® TotalProtect allows to detect and monitor everything from incremental damage to the belt surface covers, up to potentially catastrophic damage due to pending splice failure or belt penetration by foreign material. TotalProtect utilizes x-ray scanning technology.

Key detect and monitoring features

  • Belt cover damages, such as longitudinal cuts, cracks, grooves etc.
  • Belt tracking
  • Damages of belt edge
  • Fastener damages
  • Opening and lengthening of splices
  • Excessive/abnormal cover wear
  • Insufficient belt cleaning
  • Cord misalignment
  • Cord condition changes (damages and corrosion)
  • Entrapment of foreign material

Continuous splice monitoring

  • MultiProtect and CordInspect continuously monitor steel cord splices by tracking key splice characteristics.
  • Enables customers to set alarms to detect when splice degrades.
  • Allows for conveyor system shutdown when excessive damage is detected.


  • X-ray tube transmits a radiation fan through the material being measured by detectors.
  • Depending on the absorption properties of the material, a part of the radiation is absorbed. The unabsorbed radiation component is picked up by the detectors and converted into electrical signals.
  • These electrical signals are evaluated by the visualization computer and depicted graphically.