Cord Strippers

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Cord Stripper

Continental has sourced high-quality cord strippers that make belt splicing and repairing your steel cord conveyor belt quicker and more efficient.

This cord cutting system comprises of an ergonomically tested pulling unit (cable winch) and cord stripper to form one easy-to-use system.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced time for steel cord belt stripping
  • Simple to operate and easy to transport and store
  • Easy replacement of blades

These cord strippers can handle a wide range of belt sizes and are compatible with all types of steel cord belts.

Speed up your belt splicing and belt repairs with our range of cord strippers that operate at a working speed of approximately 15 m per minute!

Technical Data

Cord Pitch 10 – 25 mm
Using for cord diameters 3.6 mm – 13.2 mm
Total belt thickness Up to 43 mm max
Rubber cover thickness Up to 25 mm top cover
Up to 12 mm bottom cover