Easyrider™ Pulley Covers

With Easyrider,™ there is reduced indentation energy loss.

There has been significant technical progress in the transport of bulk materials in the last several years.


The next step to improved conveyor efficiency is the reduction of power required to operate these high performance systems. Just as some tires provide lower rolling resistance depending upon their construction and compounds, a conveyor belt can also be designed to provide lower resistance as it rolls over the support idlers.

The power required to operate a typical conveyor belt has been studied, both theoretically and dynamically. As the belt passes over an idler, the pulley cover rubber passes through a compression/rebound cycle that absorbs power. It has been determined that on long center horizontal conveyors, the rolling resistance power loss due to the indentation effect can reach 61% of the total system power.

Using specialized pulley cover compounds from our Easyrider™ family of low rolling resistance compounds will reduce power consumption. Our LRR Easyrider™ compound will reduce energy consumption by up to 20% and our SLRR Easyrider™ compound will reduce energy consumption by up to 32%. This savings is realized year after year, resulting in an overall reduction to operating costs.

As an example, if your energy costs are $1 million per year, a 32% savings available with Easyrider™ represents a savings of $320,000 compared to other compounds. Over ten years, this can add up to savings of $3.2 million or more depending on your operation.