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A technically superior product

Generations of our engineers have been involved for over 70 years in the design and application of Flexsteel conveyor belting. This cumulative experience translates into state-of-the-art technology, assuring superior product design and maximum performance for our customers.

Flexsteel belts Superior strength, durability, ease of installation

Continental's Flexsteel conveyor belting has provided maximum protection against pounding and abuse in some of the world's largest and most demanding applications. Flexsteel belting is the only choice when extremely high tensions are present, having proven itself on copper and oil sands system operations at 6000 PIW (ST7000) tension.

Flexsteel is also the preferred belt on long overlands and short Stacker systems where minimum belt elongation is a critical design consideration. Flexsteel’s steel cord reinforcement elongates a maximum of 0.25% at rated tension, allowing for acceptable take-up travel design on long overlands, as well as short Stacker/Reclaimer systems.

We have the capability to manufacture Flexsteel belts in long lengths up to 168 in. (4.2m) roll diameters, or 50 short ton (45.4 MT) rolls at some production locations. This allows for the minimum number of splices or joints in a conveyor system, which facilitates faster installation while providing a more reliable system. Specialized oblong packaging is available to further maximize belt lengths.

Additional time can be saved during installation by using another Flexsteel innovation: Preform™ Splice kits. Preform™ is a pre-grooved form that simplifies splicing by allowing you to “sandwich” the cables coming from either side between the formed rubber. Not only is the process of splicing made easier, but the belt itself is made stronger.

You can depend on Flexsteel steel cord belts to be precisely engineered to meet rigorous manufacturing standards. Rely on Flexsteel for strength, durability and ease of installation.

There are three component parts to Flexsteel® belting, each one critical to belt performance:

Zinc galvanized steel cord

Flexsteel belts are designed by selecting cord construction to provide the best specification for a particular application. The cords, made up of many wire filaments, are constructed to provide high flexibility, low elongation and permit efficient and high strength splice designs. The galvanized zinc coating produces a bonding agent between the cord and insulation gum and provides an important barrier against corrosion.

Insulation gum (core rubber)

Extensive rubber compounding technology has enabled Flexsteel engineers to develop a superior insulation gum bonding rubber, which penetrates and adheres to the steel cords. The result is excellent adhesions, corrosion resistance and splice efficiencies.

Outer rubber covers

The advanced compounds in Flexsteel’s top and bottom covers are designed to protect the steel cord strength member against the abusive environmental conditions prevalent in most  conveying applications. Compounds are available to withstand abrasion, jagged cutting and gouging, high impact, sub-zero temperatures, moderate heat, hardening effects of ozone attack and fire propagation. Special service compounds are available for unique applications, such as the oil sands in Canada, which require a compound that withstands both low temperatures and oil.

Benefits & features

High tension capabilities

Flexsteel belts handle the most demanding applications. We continue to lead the industry in designing the strongest belts to meet the growing demand for long overland systems.

Fewer transfer points

Flexsteel’s high-tension capabilities permit extremely long centers, exceptionally high lifts and multiple horizontal curves. This allows the designer to reduce the number of transfer points to minimize a major source of maintenance headaches and downtime.

Limited take-up travel

Flexsteel belts elongate a maximum of 0.25% at rated tension. This allows lower cost take-up systems on many applications and makes Flexsteel the preferred choice for long overland and short stacker/reclaiming systems, where minimum elongation is critical.

Life-long splices

Our proven splicing methods, validated on our Two-Pulley Splice Tester, result in dynamic splice efficiencies in excess of the 50% rating defined in DIN 22110 Part 3. With proper technique, splices on Flexsteel belts should last the life of the belt. And when your belt is expected to last 20 years, that is a long time.

High impact resistance

Our advanced cover compounds and our insulation gum’s superior adhesion combine to provide the impact, tear and abuse resistance your applications demand.

Superior troughing characteristics

Because Flexsteel belts are not interwoven in the transverse direction, they offer superior troughability. Even the highest strength Flexsteel belts on steep angle idlers will trough perfectly, leading to easy belt training and full load capacity.

Exceptional belt training

Flexsteel belts are built in a “uniplane” construction, where cords are laid in precisely the same plane with tension carefully controlled and equalized under cure. Belts run straight and true because cords are laid with an alternating left and right hand twist. Flexsteel’s superior troughing characteristics help ensure that the belt is in constant contact with idlers, which further enhances its ability to run straight.

Lower cost-per-ton

Fewer conveyors and splices, shorter take-ups and reduced belt inventory add up to significant cost savings right up front. Longer belt life, life-long splices, excellent belt training and reduced downtime save you even more down the road. Overland conveyors are typically more efficient than trucks or rail. It all adds up to a lower cost-per-ton of material conveyed, which can make a major improvement in your bottom line.

Industry-leading belt monitoring system

If your operation demands belt rip and transverse tear detection, cord or splice damage detection, look to Continental for periodic assessments or 24/7 real-time monitoring of your Continental belt systems.

Packaging the way you want it

Packaging options include keeper bars, HEX steel reels and oblong reels. All are designed to protect your investment and minimize the number of belt splices to lower installation costs, facilitate field installation and reduce downtime and shipping costs.

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