Insta-Grip™ 300

Marking: Continental INSTA-GRIP™ 300 PSI 1/2" Flame Resistant MSHA 2G-1C-14C/33 MADE IN USA


Insta-Grip™ 300 is made for use with push-on fittings at maximum working pressures of 300 psi. It is for low-pressure hydraulic and pneumatic systems such as shop air systems, general industrial, maintenance and automotive applications. It is non-conductive featuring a minimum electrical resistance greater than (1) megohm per inch of hose length at 1000V DC.


  • Meets or exceeds USMSHA Designation
  • Inner tube: NBR/PVC (Nitrile/PVC)
  • Cover: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Gray, (for other colors contact marketing): NBR/PVC (Nitrile/PVC), weather-, abrasion- and oil-resistant (RMA Class B Medium/High Oil Resistance)
  • Temperature range from -40°C to 88°C / -40°F to 190°F
  • Non-conductive
  • 4:1 Safety Factor