Air springs online catalogue for commercial vehicles EU

Air springs commercial vehicles aftermarket: Online catalogue EU

Service for smartphone users: Our app determines suitable ContiTech air springs. Even usable at your desktop!

This air spring database enables you to apply the following criteria in searching ContiTech Air Springs for specific products:

  • Original vehicle manufacturer's part number
  • A competitor's designation or part number
  • Vehicle manufacturer

You will automatically be directed to the right catalog page for the air spring selected. There you can view a drawing of the air spring as well as all key technical data on it. You can, of course, also print out this information.

The web app from ContiTech supplements the online catalogue and the cross reference list with which customers can find the right ContiTech air spring using the vehicle manufacturer's original part number or the competitor's part number. This app can also be downloaded directly onto the smartphone by scanning the corresponding QR code on information brochures and advertisements. The app finds the right ContiTech air spring or as an alternative, also PHOENIX air spring, when the competitor's designation or the OE part number is entered. In addition, the user can access useful product information in a submenu such as technical data and drawings based on the ContiTech online catalogue.

The advantage of our web application is that it can not only be used with smartphones and tablets. Equipped only with a desktop computer, the sales personnel of our customers have access to the enormously quick and easy source of information that our App provides. Just a few "clicks" are required to install our ContiTech air spring catalop app an every stationary computer with Internet access.

Please scan the QR code with a smartphone to open the web app.

Air springs app

How to create a desktop shortcut to the app

  1. Click on the yellow highlighted link which leads you to the Air Spring App on the Internet. 
  2. Go to "favorites" (Internet Explorer) or "bookmarks" (Firefox) in the menu bar of your browser.
  3. Select "add favorite" or "add bookmark". Now the front page of the ContiTech Air Spring App is added to your favorites or bookmarks.
  4. Click again on "favorites" or "bookmarks" in the menu bar of your browser.
  5. You can now drag your new "favorite" or "bookmark" to your desktop and drop it on a suitable location.

Alternatively, you can click with the right mouse button on the new favorite and select the command "Send To" -> "Desktop (create shortcut)". However, this function is only available in older versions of the Internet Explorer.


Tip: Position the new shortcut to the ContiTech Air Spring App on an easy locatable spot on your desktop (e.g. in the lower right corner) or taskbar to access the extensive catalog information quick and easy at any time.

Air springs online catalogue for commercial vehicles EU
Air springs app for commercial vehicles EU

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