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GOLD SNAKE® Advertisement
The best for transporting water

GOLD SNAKE® Advertisement


Article in "Zeit Online": Nur mit Gummi
The "Gold Snake" is appreciated in industry and professional gardeners​.

Article in "Zeit Online": Nur mit Gummi


The GOLD SNAKE® promotional line adopts a new, more modern look. Not bad, considering its age. In other words, an old classic with a future.

The GOLD SNAKE® promotional line



Production relocates from Düsseldorf to Korbach in Hesse. Cutting-edge technology and stringent quality controls characterize Europe’s largest hose factory.



The advertising takes on new and interesting forms. The campaign targets Switzerland first, then the German market.



50 years GOLD SNAKE® promotional material: The weather calendar has been one of the most popular promotional articles since 1934.

50 years GOLD SNAKE® promotional material


The Olympic Games in Munich. GOLD SNAKE® provides for green grass in all stadiums, but is now increasingly used in the construction industry and in the making of machines as well.



GOLD SNAKE® is also suitable for transporting many other media.



The first colored posters appear under the title “Picture of a girl”.



Promotional articles like hose holders and sample boxes further strengthen the close ties to the dealers.



In addition to advertisements in major newspapers, small ads are also run in the local press.

GOLD SNAKE® advertisement


The mascot at the time – “Puck” – sings the praises of GOLD SNAKE®'S application possibilities in daily newspapers.



The owner of the Pahl’sche Gummi- und Asbest-Gesellschaft mbh registers a patent for the “Performance routine for manufacture of rubber hoses with plies and cords and the like" – the basis for successfully producing the GOLD SNAKE®.

GOLD SNAKE® patent

Promotional material is already available the year it is patented. From the very start GOLD SNAKE® is supplied with a five-year guarantee.

GOLD SNAKE® promotional material


Employing the cording method familiar to tiremaking, the engineer Heinrich Pahl develops a new hose – the GOLD SNAKE® – in 1930.



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