World premiere in laser technology at ContiTech Romania

ContiTech is the first manufacturer that is able to supply laser-welded valve bodies for automotive air conditioning lines. These benefit the environment in particular.

From more than half a million cubic meters of CO2 emissions and over 700,000 liters of gas consumption per year to zero– this is made possible by the new laser welding equipment at ContiTech Romania in Timișoara, which was developed specifically for the welding of automotive air conditioning lines. It can weld connections for all line types and valve connectors. The concept was developed both for volume production and for the research and development processes in laser welding.

More than 1 million euros have been invested in the new equipment for around 2.4 million welding operations per year. It will produce around 800,000 finished parts a year. Due to the special laser welding procedure, the volume production provides an even higher quality, with the result that the scrap is approaching zero.

By using laser welding instead of the previous flame brazing procedure, the gas consumption for the brazing process, which led to 600,000 m3 of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, does not apply. In addition, the area no longer has to be cooled down by an air conditioning unit, which further reduces the energy consumption. The laser welding procedure is also much faster and brings so little energy to the parts that they remain almost cold and can be further processed instantly. This means that the previous water consumption and the subsequent costly disposal of the sewage water are dispensed with. The same applies to the power consumption of the pumps that transported the water to the flame brazing equipment.


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