New Barrier Hose for R1234yf

ContiTech has developed an air-conditioning hose for the new R1234yf refrigerant, whose damping properties mean that it is also able to prevent the transmission of noise into the vehicle passenger compartment.

The Galaxy 4882 barrier hose for the intake side of the air-conditioning system is resistant both to the new refrigerant and to R134a plus the new oils used in the coolant circuit for compressor lubrication. Another characteristic feature is its low permeability, which is substantially below the applicable specifications.

Barrier Hose for R1234yf
The Galaxy barrier hoses represent an expansion of the ContiTech product portfolio which also includes the proven film hoses. The two solutions achieve the same results. “Our new barrier hose means that we now have an optimal product in the range for every customer type,” declares R&D engineer Brian Henry.

The new Galaxy 4882 acoustic solution is currently undergoing final field testing in numerous vehicles.


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