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 Perfect Equipment For Tough Missions

Perfect Equipment For Tough Missions

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Perfect Equipment For Tough Missions

From health and safety to efficiency and reliability, Continental offers manufacturers of construction machinery the systems they need to deliver on the trends driving their industry.

Perfect Equipment For Tough Missions

When it comes to demolition work or constructing foundations, trenches or roads, there’s usually a hydraulic breaker in action somewhere. It consists of a housing, a striking mechanism and a chisel, which is inserted into the housing. It is operated by a carrier – usually an excavator. This provides oil under high pressure, which is converted into kinetic energy via a hydraulic cylinder and transmitted to the chisel. Adding an air actuator to the setup cushions the effects of the striking mechanism on the chisel, allowing an increased strike frequency of between 1,000 and 1,500 strikes per minute at forces of between 30 and 80 metric tons. This increases productivity by as much as 80 percent compared with conventional solutions. But at the same time, air actuators in hydraulic breakers reduce noise levels by up to 25 dB and isolate vibrations, improving working environments for machine operators and enhancing occupational health and safety. The solution also has another advantage: hydraulic breakers with air actuators can even be used under water, in harbor or canal construction, for example. The products from ContiTech are especially reliable, even amid the dust and constant pounding on construction sites.

Cushioned with air

The construction industry is all about timing. More often than not, everybody is working under constant pressure. Machine operators often sit in their vehicle cabins for hours on end, making it all the more important for machine manufacturers to provide a better, more comfortable environment for them to work in. ContiTech’s air springs in seats and cabin mounts help to improve workplace ergonomics, create a user-friendly environment and enable stepless adjustment of seat heights, staving off fatigue and reducing ill effects on health.

Working in comfort

Another offering from Continental is the modular driver workplace. This can be highly flexibly configured, with fittings that can be adjusted to suit a wide range of applications and wishes. All switches are in easy reach, and further switches can be clustered around the steering wheel on additional panels if needed. The right arrangements mean drivers no longer need to take their eyes off what they are doing or reach upward to access overhead controls. The modular driver workplace is available in a range of possible configurations, from minimalist cockpit to comprehensive, high-end solution. Meanwhile, the surfaces of the cabin interior also have to withstand the tough conditions of everyday construction site operations, and the right materials are needed. Expreshn Protect, for example, is highly scratch resistant but also attractive and pleasant to touch. With scratches now a thing of the past, drivers’ cabins remain in good condition for longer. Another scratch-proof interior material is Decoject, a cost-efficient alternative to paint on injection- molded parts that adds to the quality feel of cabin cockpits.

Health and safety – the be-all and end-all in construction

Perfect Equipment For Tough Missions

When it comes to mobility, robust, high-performance Trackman rubber tracks keep construction vehicles moving securely. Similar to a closed drive belt with a track section, Trackman solutions can be used on heavy plant, haulers, pickups and road construction equipment. Even with power units delivering 500 hp or more, they offer super-strong grip on loose ground on construction sites and elsewhere. The latest technology makes them even more durable, reduces vibrations, enhances comfort and allows Trackman rubber tracks to get by on less energy than chain solutions.

Telematics system improves fleet security and efficiency

Unexpected breakdowns and unavailable vehicles can send entire construction schedules spiraling out of control. That’s why Continental has developed a new telematics solution to support fleet managers, drivers and maintenance teams. The ContiFlexBox keeps them up to date on all the relevant aspects of their vehicles and tires, and supports efficient fleet management when used in combination with the tried-and-tested Conti- PressureCheck system for tires. By warning users when air pressure requires attention, the system reduces the risk of tire damage and keeps downtimes to a minimum. It also saves time and money spent on regular maintenance, enhancing overall fleet efficiency and cutting operating costs in the process.

Efficient systems for fewer emissions

Perfect Equipment For Tough Missions

Current Stage IV emissions legislation for non-road mobile machinery means manufacturers are relying on exhaust treatment technologies to meet requirements. SCR systems remove nitrogen oxide and particles from engine emissions by injecting urea (AdBlue) into the system. Continental’s high-activity oxidation catalytic converters, which are mounted in a compact space close to the engine, have proven popular among manufacturers. By responding extremely fast to the higher temperatures achieved early on, they ensure exhaust is treated highly efficiently – a key requirement for high turnover rates in SCR systems. To help manufacturers continue meeting stringent legal standards, Continental offers the full range of emission-relevant engine and exhaust system control modules, fuel injection technologies, sensors, SCR systems and injectors, catalytic converters and filters, AdBlue tanks and hoses, as well as software and engineering services. To meet Stage V requirements, additional particle filters or combination filters with an SCR coating will be used to cut nitrogen oxide emissions.

Heavy loads on uneven terrain

Components in construction vehicles must withstand extreme loads, so manufacturers have opted for elastomer bushes by ContiTech for several years. As a development partner, ContiTech supports customers with a range of solutions, such as extra-durable bushes that withstand especially tough conditions and last significantly longer than conventional ones. On the rear axles of articulated full-suspension dumper trucks, they offer optimum damping, connecting the hydraulic spring and the axle.