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 Winter Service for the Gold Snake

Winter Service for the Gold Snake

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Winter Service for the Gold Snake

The powerful water and cleansing hose by ContiTech helps clear streets and sidewalks of snow and ice.

Pedestrians and drivers alike are able to make it through the winter, also thanks to state and city winter road clearance services and their private contracting partners. In Germany’s snowiest city - Munich - over 1,000 workers and over 600 vehicles alone are available to clear roughly 2,300 kilometers of street, 9,700 key traffic areas and roughly 250 hazardous areas, of ice and snow. Winter road clearance services begin work if at least three centimeters of snow fall or if streets are covered in hazardous ice.

The material they choose to spread on the streets, sidewalks and cycling paths plays a key role in their safety. In addition to pre-wetted salt and grit, common salt solution has also been used increasingly for the past few years. It is used in particular for mobile de-icing of areas that are already snowy or icy and to prevent snow and ice from accumulating. 

Powerful rubber hoses are used to apply the common salt solution, such as the Gold Snake used to de-ice and spray vehicles in Munich. And for good reason: Thanks to its material design and construction, the high-performance water and cleansing hose by ContiTech is highly flexible and extremely hard-wearing, making it the right choice for challenging applications in construction, outdoors or on machines, equipment and containers. The premium hose’s specific elastomer compounds are precisely tailored to meet requirements such as temperature resistance, pressure, robustness and flexibility. The black, non-porous, and smooth EPDM liner is perfect, among other things for allowing common salt solution and other materials to flow freely. The synthetic rubber hose cover is also resistant to oil, grease and chemicals and is unaffected by ozone and UV radiation. In addition, the high-tech hose stands out for its high temperature resistance of minus 30o  to plus 100° Celsius.

However, the brand-name hose stands out for more than just its dependability and durability. Its light and easy handling also offers users the best possible usability, even under frosty winter conditions.