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Belting Out Enjoyment

Toothed belts, hoses, conveyor belts: ContiTech ensures hygienic transport of food and drink.

The glass bottles stand closely-packed on the conveyor belt. There is a gentle, continuous clinking in the bottling plant. The reason is that ContiTech toothed belts, hoses and conveyor belts are being used here to hygienically process liquids. However, this application is only one of many examples. The wide range of products provides solutions that are ready for anything in the food industry, no matter how challenging the production environment. Food and drink can be safely and efficiently processed – with optimal quality!

Oil-free and precise: pumps with belt drive

Whether it’s water or wine, pumps are key players in filter systems and bottling plants. They allow liquids to be bottled precisely and keep the flow rate running. Heavy-duty toothed belts from ContiTech’s Synchroforce range can significantly improve the performance, installation and maintenance of these pumps. After all, the drive belts run completely oil-free, preventing contamination of the material being transported and the environment. They can be repaired in minutes without special tools and, thanks to the compact design, allow mobile use in a variety of tanks.

High-performance hoses for hygienic bottling

Hoses are flexible transport connections that must not fail in any production chain. For this reason, they are subject to very strict rules and hygiene regulations. As required by German and international legislators, ContiTech hoses must not only be easy to clean and disinfect, but must also be characterized by safety and durability. In order to prevent the contamination of material being conveyed from dairies, canteen kitchens, the confectionery industry or other production sites, ContiTech relies on high-quality materials and extruded inner linings for longer durability and seamless quality controls.

ContiTech drive belts support a bottling rate of 11,000 bottles per hour in large wineries. Belting Out Enjoyment Belting Out Enjoyment Belting Out Enjoyment

Conveyor belts protect delicate materials in transport

Whether baked goods, fruit, meat or pharmaceuticals, depending on the material to be transported and the environment, the rubber covers of a conveyor belt need to have various properties. This is why ContiTech offers four different types, which are anti-static, heat- or oil-resistant or fire-retardant, depending on the rubber compound. For inclined slopes of more than 30 degrees, the belts are also supplied with a profiled design. Antimicrobial additives ensure the necessary cleanliness.

Even under the most difficult conditions, the various food and drink products are also brought to the consumer safely and cleanly with optimal quality – and this is thanks not least to sophisticated transport systems equipped with ContiTech components. We think that is a good reason to clink glasses!