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Animal Blockbuster

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Animal Blockbuster

Movie horse Fineza is shod with hoof protection with our technology.

Animal Blockbuster

And ... action: a washed, currycombed and styled Fineza steps onto the set. Preparations got underway as early as 7 a.m. The shooting days are strenuous. A scene sometimes requires up to seven takes, but the gray mare performs like a seasoned pro. This is her first time in front of the camera, and she is immediately playing one of the two lead roles in the new teen movie “Wendy 2”, which has been running in movie theaters since the end of February.

The beginning of a good cooperation

Animal Blockbuster

“That was an intense time for both of us,” says Ina Krüger-Oesert, the horse’s owner. She trained Fineza for the role and was present throughout the entire period of filming. The temporary movie star has now returned to her everyday life, involving stables, paddocks, cross-country riding, training and the occasional show. She lives on her familiar farm near Kiel in the far north of Germany together with 20 other horses. This is where she was born and where she feels at ease and at home. She now only has the occasional date in her diary. The HansePferd 2018 equine trade show in Hamburg, for example. Fans were able to see her recreate her role as Penny from the movie in the Breed Ring and watch the type of moves she used in the movie. This is also where the contact was established between Ina Krüger-Oesert and Turfcord GmbH, which developed the eponymous rubber hoof guard in collaboration with the Continental Corporation.

Dr. Werner Hartke Dr. Werner Hartke from Materials Development at Continental:

“Great to see that the product’s exceptional properties have convinced yet another horse owner!”

Instead of horseshoes: a hoof protection made of rubber

“Turfcord approached us and showed us the rubber hoof guard,” recalls the horse lover. Lightweight, flexible and shock-absorbing – with the aid of Continental technology, Turfcord managed to develop and market an alternative to the horseshoe which the horse barely feels when worn and walked thanks to its material properties enables the horse to go barehoof. “Since we can’t dispense entirely with some kind of hoof protector with our animals but are generally keen to encourage natural posture, wee were immediately drawn to turfcord,” says Krüger-Oesert. Another convincing feature for her was that the rubber guard does not have to be nailed to the hoof and therefore does not damage it.

Animal Blockbuster

Natural movements on all floors

The farrier applied a hoof guard to Fineza there and then for a trial period. The guard lasts for eight weeks – the same lifetime as a metal horseshoe. During the weeks that followed, the horse owner paid close attention: “We’re delighted. The flexibility of the material means that Fineza moves really naturally – whether that’s in the paddock, on asphalt or on open country. And yet she’s not as sensitive as she would be if she were to run without protection,” says Ina Krüger-Oesert enthusiastically. “As far as we’re concerned, the turfcord is a great alternative to the horseshoe.” Trial period passed with flying colors. Other horses on the Kiel farm are now also to be fitted with rubber hoof guards.

More questions? You can contact the relevant people at Turfcord GmbH directly by e-mailing or via the contact form on the company’s website.