eBike Drive Belts: Connectivity

With a new display with integrated Bluetooth 4.0 and a smartphone app, Continental offers an e-bike connectivity solution specifically designed for the CONTI® e-bike SYSTEM.

In addition to the original features, the integrated Bluetooth Low Energy technology allows the system to be paired with the Continental smartphone app. The bidirectional data exchange combines the system's real performance data with the computing power of the smartphone. The system data can therefore be used for more accurate calculations. Furthermore, this has the advantage that the shared information can be shown on both displays independently of each other.

After pairing the device, the e-bike display changes into a connectivity mode and the smartphone can then be mounted on the handlebar as practical screen extension or just placed in the user’s pocket.

Connectivity Functions

In addition to fitness, performance and weather functions, the navigation is the most important connectivity feature. Routes are calculated considering the remaining range with the recommended support mode, before step-by-step instructions with distance indicators in the e-bike display guide you the way. The rider can select from different map and routing options. The smartphone can be placed in the user’s pocket.

Drive Belts eBikes: Connectivity – iOS
Drive Belts eBikes: Connectivity – Android

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