Drive Belts Industry: Tension2Go

Calculates the oscillation frequency and initial tension of belts made by the ContiTech Power Transmission Group.

With the app from ContiTech, users can use a smartphone to quickly determine whether the belt pretension is correct.

Practical tool for use on-site: The free Tension2Go application measures the pretension frequency and pretension of industrial belts of the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. Tension2Go is available for the iOS and Android operating systems and can be downloaded in the App Store or at Google Play.

Tension2Go quickly lets field staff, technical dealers and end customers know whether the belt pretension is correct – when the belt is first installed, being serviced or during troubleshooting. The app is thus a cost-efficient supplement to existing pretension measuring devices.

How it works: The app measures the natural frequency of the belt. For this, the microphone of the smartphone is held above the free belt section and the belt is set to vibrate so that the airborne noise can be recorded. Using the frequency value that is determined, the user can then select the pretensioning force. As an alternative, Tension2Go can also calculate the tension of the belt directly if the belt type and the length of the free belt section has been entered before the measurement is taken. In order for the belt to run properly, it is crucial that the belt tension is correct.

Tension2Go in App Store
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