Chemical and Refueling Hoses

For chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications



The range of chemical hoses offered by Continental includes the entire spectrum of hoses described in EN 12115 for chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications. Specialmanufacturing processes, some of which are patented, guarantee the safe transportation of a diverse range of media. This includes hoses with elastomer or plastic inner linings and specialties such as the “hose-in-hose system” for vapor recovery when using filling station hoses. In addition, Continental offers high-quality refueling hoses for aircraft; tank truck hoses, and bunker hoses for loading and unloading ships at harbors, channels and tankers worldwide. These products are distributed by our partner ELAFLEX.

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  • Petrol station hoses
  • Lightweight, flexible, kink- and weather resistant
  • Conductive
  • Retractable
  • Guaranteing no increase in volume, appropriate for gauging
  • Good resistance to swelling and diffusion
  • Filling station hoses:
  • Lightweight and flexible and resistant to kinking and weathering
  • Conductive
  • Retractable
  • Ability to calibrate volume increase guaranteed
  • Good resistance to swelling and diffusion
  • Automatic vapor recovery thanks to the “hose-in-hose system”
  • Bright colors available; does not discolor
  • Aircraft refueling hoses:
  • Highly impermeable and resistant to extremely high pressures
  • Resistant to kerosene and mechanical stresses
  • Product marked with fluorescent colors
  • Exceeds the high safety standards imposed by the mineral oil companies
  • Tank-truck hoses