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ContiTech offers you a convenient way to keep up with news and press releases on a regular basis. Thanks to RSS technology, you no longer have to surf in our direction. Instead, our news comes your way. This saves you time.

You need two things: First of all, an RSS aggregator, or reader. This can take the form of a very normal program for Windows, for example, or an online service. Secondly, you require a so-called RSS feed, which you get from us. A glance at your reading program and you immediately see what's new on the pages you've subscribed to.

RSS-Feeds ContiTech AG: (english) (german)

Further RSS-Feeds of Continental AG:

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Where do I get an RSS newsreader?

Various RSS newsreaders are available on the Internet, some of them free. Numerous readers are available at (search string "RSS") or in the RSS- directory (german).

Online Services and Apps

The disadvantage of online RSS readers is that you have to register for them; the advantage, on the other hand, is that you can view your own personal news rundown on any PC, smartphone or tablet ith Internet access. Here a small selection:

my Yahoo

Browser that understand RSS:

  • Safari for MacOS X: In the Apple browser, RSS news items are presented like browser HTML pages.  More information
  • Mozilla Firefox: RSS news items are linked as so-called live bookmarks and can be displayed in the sidebar or the bookmark symbol bar More information
  • Internet Explorer: Subscribe to RSS feeds and manage
  • Chrome: Only with browser extensions, for example, RSS Feed Reader

More information about RSS:

RSS article in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

ContiTech does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of the information, nor is it responsible for the contents of the Websites cited. News readers are downloaded and installed at the user's own risk.

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