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Rouleaux pour l'industrie de l'imprimerie

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  • Highflex sleeve

    Highflex sleeve

  • Rubberflex sleeve

    Rubberflex sleeve

Product range

  • Pressure rollers
    • Offset printing rollers,
      resistant to offset inks and solvents
    • Flexographic printing rollers, ester and ketone resistant
    • Gravure printing
  • Helio-Eltex rollers; electrostatic pressure support
  • Hot melt application rollers, resistant to high-temperatures
  • Laminating rollers
  • Paint application rollers, ester and ketone resistant
  • Paste application rollers
  • Tear off rollers, anti-static
  • Silicone application rollers
  • Wallpaper printing rollers
  • Wallpaper glue pressure rollers
  • Polyurethane rollers available on request