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Experience the Interior of the Future – with SPACE D!

On the way from vehicle interior to living space

Shaped by electric mobility and autonomous driving our design concept SPACE D is an experience of future mobility that can already be enjoyed today. Therefore, we bridged the gap between living room and automotive interior while placing the focus firmly on comfort and wellbeing.

With SPACE D we bring sustainability, functionality and design to life, an experience that appeals to all senses. You can sense, touch, and feel our surface solutions and experience the holistic design concept.


With SPACE D, we are once again providing an update on the direction in which the automotive interior will develop. And to anticipate it: an experience that is worth it.

A quick look back: AMBIENC3 and ContiHome showed what the future of driving and living could look like. They also showed how we at Continental bundle ideas and trends in the surface area into holistic concepts and implement them. One thing is clear: the development continues and has gained momentum. That's why we're consistently taking the next step by bringing both interiors together in a design concept called SPACE D.

SPACE D at the IAA Mobility 2023

Showcasing the sustainable vehicle interior of tomorrow SPACE D is an immersive experience and inspiration for all your senses.

“SPACE D is a fully accessible and emotionally engaging concept that allows visitors to truly immerse themselves in the automotive interior of the future,” explains Ralf Imbery, Global Director Design, Marketing & Strategy.

Unsere mobile Oase

Experience our mobile oasis

What do you expect from the mobility of the future? Electric drive, naturally. Autonomous driving, obviously. And what else? We'll show you our vision of the vehicle interior of tomorrow – with our SPACE D design concept.

Sustainable materials combine with state-of-the-art technology to create high-performance design surfaces that make driving a secondary matter. Experience the future today and immerse yourself with all your senses.

  • We make sustainability tangible
  • Control Panel
  • Xpreshn Carbon Neutral
  • SPACE D Bench
  • Benova Eco Protect
  • Benova Eco Protect

We make sustainability tangible

Close your eyes. A breeze brushes your arm at sunset and creates a pleasant tingling sensation. A perfect moment that reflects our aspiration: Our surfaces should feel perfect, and at the same time, our sustainable materials help us make the best use of our natural resources.

Sustainability is a big word with an even bigger responsibility. To live up to it, we put sustainability at the center of our product development.

Our products follow our three pillars of sustainability: CO2 neutrality, circular economy and unique product properties as enablers. You experience them in every corner of our design concept SPACE D. Our surface materials used here are the result of our quest to consistently make our products more climate-friendly, durable and sustainable.

Xpreshn® - Carbon Neutral leaves no ecological footprint and combines all the properties that make vehicle interiors special. Benova® Eco Protect is also PETA-Approved Vegan certified, has already won the German Innovation Award and is free of any critical ingredients. Because sustainability doesn't stop with our production and products, which is why we consider the entire life cycle of our surface materials and calculate the carbon footprint of each one.

With SPACE D, we not only show what a more sustainable future could look like – we let you feel this future today. Visit our vision of the future and experience how you will be mobile in the future – climate-friendly and sustainable in your feel-good space.

  • Functionality
  • IAA 2023
  • Xpreshn Hylite Concept
  • Control Panel
  • Acella StayNu
  • Benova Eco Protect

Functionality for your well-being

What do you feel when a new day greets you with bright sunshine and clear morning air? Comforting warmth? Peace and energy? The kick for a good start to the day? Just take a deep breath – and off you go!

On the way from vehicle interiors to mobile living spaces, the emotional experience is increasingly coming into focus. With our solutions, we combine state-of-the-art surface technologies and interior design and bring them into harmony.

Our surface technologies in the SPACE D are functional to the end and contribute significantly to the feeling of well-being. At the same time, they underline their sustainability with individual designs and make It visible. In this way, they create a special harmony that gives rise to a feel-good atmosphere.

Our translucent Xpreshn® Hylite Concept, for example, allows functional highlights or design accents to be set in mobile interiors with light. It enables visual signals or supports the design by certain moods.

With our Heatable Surface Technology, the door panel or the armrest, for example, can be heated quickly, precisely and energy-efficiently. And staynu® Technology keeps surfaces looking like new for a lifetime by resisting dirt and stains and thus simply making you feel good.

Experience the fusion of design and functionality in our SPACE D design concept, when surfaces use light and warmth to turn the vehicle interior into your feel-good space.

  • Expressive design on seat cover
  • IAA Seat
  • Acella
  • Acella

Expressive design that touches

Lush greenery, crystal clear water and the waves that the wind leaves in the sand look like artistic creations on the canvas of nature. An oasis stands for life and exceptional vegetation. A fascinating inspiration for designs that touch.

The special appearance of our surfaces in SPACE D is characterized by the image of a mobile oasis. Natural colors with an extraordinary feel also underline sustainability and create a homely and cozy atmosphere.

Color, shape, and material in harmony: With SPACE D, we have created a unique spatial experience that creates an all-round harmonious design concept with warm and natural colors, filigree prints and impressive embossing.

Another visual highlight in the SPACE D is the modern seat, which is equipped with a particularly sustainable variant of our Acella® surface material. A perfect combination of sustainability, performance, and design: its bio-based and recycled contents contribute to climate neutrality and circular economy. At the same time, the material is particularly durable and resistant. The design of the seat is characterized by an authentic textile look, which provides warmth, coziness and a high level of comfort. In addition, the special embossing and decorative stitching express the inspiration of the flowing shapes of water and sand. 

Another eye-catcher in SPACE D are our materials with current design trends such as Speckled effects, recycled looks and real wood appearance. These designs are inspired by nature and live above all through their irregularities – this is how we make sustainability visible in mobile interiors. SPACE D is a design experience that touches.


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