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Home, Garden & Leisure

Home, Garden & Leisure

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions for the Greatest Convenience

Home Industries Home, Garden & Leisure

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions for the Greatest Convenience

We have the right solution available for a wide range of aspects relating to the home, garden and leisure.

For indoors, we supply upholstery and floor coverings, as well as drive belts for a variety of household devices, while for outdoors, we can fit windows and doors with hard-wearing films, and ensure the optimum lawn irrigation with our water hoses. All of our indoor and outdoor solutions fulfil all requirements perfectly and provide the greatest convenience everywhere in the home.


As a Specialist for Surfaces, Transportation and Propulsion Our Products Can Also Be Found in Your Home Garden

  • Industrial Hoses

    Industrial Hoses


    Continental’s highly resistant industrial hoses meet national and international standards and individual customer specifications.

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  • Press Polished Vinyl

    Press Polished Vinyl


    Press polished vinyl is chemical/scratch resistant, fire retardant and withstands harsh elements. Ideal for vinyl boat windows, awnings or protection equipment.

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  • Profile Films

    Profile Films


    Versatile and virtually indestructible - our films for outdoor use offer this and much more.

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  • Films for Pools

    Films for Pools


    Our vinyl pool liners feature great designs, tough construction, and an industry leading warranty.

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  • Outdoor Deck

    Outdoor Decking


    Vinyl membrane system designed specifically for outdoor use.

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  • Drive Belts

    Drive Belts


    Drive belts for garden tools

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Solutions for the Home with a Formal Design and Impressive Functionality

  • Furniture Films

    Furniture Films


    Plastic furniture surfaces from Continental impress with their elegance and their natural qualities.

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  • Artificial Leather

    Artificial Leather


    Continental upholstery materials are easy to clean and very resistant even to daily use.

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  • Metal Laminat

    Metal Lamination Film


    This high-quality film from Continental is used as a wall covering, particularly in cabins, corridors and lounges within ships.

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  • Home Decoration

    Home Decoration


    d-c-fix® Deco films and adhesive films Design walls, windows, tables, furniture and much more individually and in line with the latest trends with d-c-fix®.

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  • Drive Belts

    Drive Belts


    Drive belts for household equipment and white goods industry

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  • Press cushions for clean hotel linen

    Press cushions for clean hotel linen


    Snowy-white textiles from the laundry are the perfect calling card for hotels. Our press cushions help with drying.

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  • Where Sports and Comfort Meet

    Where Sports and Comfort Meet


    Our materials embellish seats in sports arenas around the world.

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  • From Community Gardeners to Impressive Landscaping

    From Community Gardeners to Impressive Landscaping


    An alternative to gear rings and steel chains, our drive solution featuring a poly V-belt reduces the weight and noise emissions of mobile sieving equipment.

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Fairs & Events

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  • National Hardware Show

    National Hardware Show

    October 21 – 23, 2021
    LV Convention Center
    Las Vegas, NV, USA
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