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Efficiency and safety on the ground and in the air

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Safety and Efficiency for Traffic in the Air and on the Ground

The suitcases have been checked in, boarding is complete and the back rests have been put up: at last, it's time to head off on a well-deserved vacation. What can passengers rely on? That operations at the airport not only run smoothly, but also safely. That visitors, baggage, crew and airport employees get from A to B efficiently. And that the airplane is one of the safest and most comfortable means of transportation of all.

This is ensured, among other things, by tight fuel tanks and hoses, robust conveyor belts and comfortable cushions. All conceived and developed by our engineers. They work every day to make traffic in the air and on the ground even safer and more comfortable with our solutions.

After all, the aerospace industry faces major challenges in the coming years: for example, contributing to the fight against climate change through the development of synthetic fuels, or using digitalization to cope with the medium-term increase in passenger numbers. Our technologies will support them in this.