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Ship, Ports & Sea

Customized Solutions Onshore and Offshore

A stiff breeze. Salt is in the air. Waves relentlessly wash ashore, working away on everything on and near the water. Operating efficiently and safely under these conditions demands top performance from both people and infrastructure – whether on board a ship, in an offshore wind farm or in an overseas port.

But how are the ever-increasing volumes of cargo to be transported across the world's oceans as efficiently, safely and cost-effectively as possible? How can efficient offshore concepts fuel the energy transition? And what role does sustainability play on the high seas? The key to a modern maritime industry lies in smart ports and more efficient drive systems, and thus in innovative technologies.

Our products are state-of-the-art, optimally support processes on land and at sea and ensure greater safety, comfort and efficiency – whether in the hull of a ship, in the nacelle of a wind turbine or when unloading cargo in port. Because onshore and offshore, users must be able to rely on their technical equipment. Our solutions take on wind and waves at all times.


We don't spin sailor's yarns, we don't invent pirate tales and we haven't met any ship’s kobolds in our projects yet either. Instead, we tell stories about our products and solutions, customers and colleagues, on land and on the high seas, with the wind in our hair and salt in the air.

Fairs & Events

Even though we like to let the fresh sea breeze blow away the cobwebs: we are not only at home on the seven seas, but also at the most important fairs of the onshore and offshore industry worldwide. Visit our experts here soon.
  • CSI Cruise Ship Interiors Expo

    CSI Cruise Ship Interiors Expo

    December 4 – 5, 2024
    ExCeL London | Booth 1002
    London, United Kingdom
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