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Efficient Printing Processes for Optimum Results

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Efficient Printing Processes for Optimum Results

With our materials expertise and huge variety of products for the entire printing process, we ensure optimum printing results and efficient processes.

Our print solutions focus on customer-specific requirements and so deliver the highest quality for a broad range of areas of application, from packaging and label printing to printed electronics.

Solutions for Optimum Printing Results

We Make Sure that the Ink is Optimally Applied to the Paper

  • Printing Blankets

    Printing Blankets


    As a world leading manufacturer, we develop and produce compressible precision printing blankets under the CONTI-AIR® and PHOENIX Xtra Blankets brands.

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  • Flexographic Printing Plates & Sleeves

    Flexographic Printing Plates & Sleeves


    Continental is the leading manufacturer of flexographic printing plates.

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  • Rollers

    Rollers for the printing industry


    TEGU offers the perfect solution for every printing process.

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Plant Engineering

Intelligent Solutions for Plant Engineering

  • Drive Belts

    Drive Belts for Industrial Applications


    Continental offers the right services to match its extensive portfolio of drive belts for industrial applications, creating an all-inclusive package.

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  • Machines & Equipment

    Suspension & Anti Vibration for Industrial Machines & Equipment


    Suspension solutions for industrial machine and plant engineering by Continental effectively reduce noise levels.

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  • Conveyor Belt Systems

    Conveyor Belt Systems


    Conveyor belt systems and the right service from Continental, facilitate efficient processes and transportation procedures in all industries.

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  • Industrial Hoses

    Industrial Hoses


    Continental’s highly resistant industrial hoses meet national and international standards and individual customer specifications.

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  • Mechanical Engineering

    Technical Fabrics for Mechanical Engineering


    Continental develops products and systems for a wide range of applications in close cooperation with mechanical and plant engineering companies.

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  • Industrial Applications

    Sealing Systems for Industrial Applications


    Thanks to its broad corporate expertise, Continental is a technological leader in the seals and sealing system area, offering custom-tailored solutions for almost every industrial application.

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  • Industrial Rollers

    Rollers for a Diverse Range of Industries


    Rubber coatings for rollers for various industries.

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  • Friction Rings & Wheels

    Friction Rings & Wheels


    ROTAFRIX® friction rings and friction wheels are particularly well-suited to use in drum drives.

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    Safe and Warm Through the Winter


    Smart wearables ensure improved safety on the road and at work.

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