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Rail Transport

Innovations for a Sustainable Rail Industry

We sit in a comfortable chair, our heads gently nestled against the backrest, and in front of us on the folding table is a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Despite the speed of almost 300 km/h, the cup keeps still and nothing spills over. Outside, the landscape passes by at breakneck speed. Inside, the only sound is the powerful hum of the high-speed train. Today's railway travel has nothing to do with the railroad of the past. Today, speed, safety and comfort are not only standard on long-distance routes – passengers' demands are also increasing on local and regional trains.

With systems and service solutions for passenger compartments, driver workplaces, drive units, chassis and bodies, we are a key innovation and technology partner to the rail industry, making rail technology not only safe and efficient but also making passenger and freight rail transport fit for the future. By using innovative technologies from the automotive industry such as sensor and assistance systems, we are drivers of the Rail Vehicle 4.0.


Anyone returning from a trip often has many exciting stories to tell. This is also the case for our colleagues from the rail technology sector. We tell their stories, from good old steam locomotives to futuristic rail projects. More and more often, they include stories about sustainable rail transport solutions. Come along on the journey!

Fairs & Events

We are not able to travel to all events in the rail transport industry by train. But when we can, we are happy to do so. After all, the fairs and conferences are important opportunities for us to exchange ideas with partners and customers about the future of rail transport technology – and how our products and solutions can contribute to it.
  • Innotrans


    September 24 – 27, 2024
    Berlin, Germany
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