Belt Monitoring Services


Reduces maintenance costs and improves performance

The CONTI® INSPECT series has been designed to ensure that damage caused to the conveyor belt as a result of wear is detected early in order to maintain the high quality of the conveyor belts during operation. CONTI® INSPECT enables continuous belt scanning during conveyor operation at full belt speed. As a result, inspection time, cost and effort can be reduced to a minimum. The CONTI® INSPECT system allows maintenance to be planned quickly, easily and in advance to enable you to make the most effective use of scheduled conveyor downtimes.

The CONTI® INSPECT series comprises CONTI® Belt Thickness Measurement, CONTI® Belt Surface Inspection and CONTI® Cord Condition Monitoring. These systems are mobile and can be used flexibly for all known conveyors. A full service by our well-trained Continental field engineers is available. A detailed report of the inspection is generated and provided with a precise description of the abrasive wear, damage to the belt surface and the state of the tensile carrier.

CONTI® Inspect – Belt thickness measurements

  • Measures the belt thickness (0 mm – 55 mm) effectively
  • Measures in the area where the wear actually takes place
  • Only one belt revolution is required for the measurement
  • Predicts the remaining lifetime of the belt (based on top cover thickness)
  • Avoids unnecessary belt replacements

Belt thickness measurements

CONTI® Inspect – Belt surface inspection

  • Scans the entire belt surface using line laser technology
  • Generates a digital belt map and detects all damage to the top cover
  • Virtual 3D analysis
  • Generates an automatic report with variable error limits
  • Estimates the remaining lifetime of the belt
  • Plans maintenance work

Belt surface inspection

CONTI® Inspect – Cord condition monitoring

  • Continuous scanning procedure with real-time reporting at full belt speed
  • Virtual 3D reporting with automatic splice identification
  • No permanent magnetization of the steel cords required
  • Suitable for use in all environmental and weather conditions
  • Early detection of damage to steel cords
  • Splice monitoring

Cord condition monitoring