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Accelerating the shift towards sustainable mobility with advanced thermal management solutions

Continental strives for 100% emission-free mobility and industries

The automotive industry's transition towards electric and fuel cell vehicles is making mobility more sustainable. With this transition comes the challenge to develop effective solutions for electrified vehicles that enable batteries to last longer and on-board electric systems to work at optimum efficiency. 

As a leading developer of automotive systems, Continental understands that thermal management systems in electrified vehicles need to be far more sophisticated than in internal combustion engines. These solutions optimize vehicle performance and enhance passenger comfort, while supporting the automotive industry's transformation towards emission-free mobility. 


"Electrified vehicles perform at their best with optimal temperatures, to ensure the battery, electronic systems, electric motor, and charging all run efficiently. Our innovative thermal management solutions address these challenges and offer significant benefits, including increased range, optimized battery performance, and improved efficiency and comfort."

Shane Stradinger
Vice President and Head of Thermal Solutions Segment at Continental


Continental is an experienced component
supplier with system know-how and
large material variety.

Customer Centric

Striving for customized solution development

Fostering collaborative partnerships to deliver sustainable, efficient and smart thermal management

When it comes to the efficient control of temperature for optimized vehicle performance, we understand that our customers have different needs and face different challenges. By putting the customer at the center of our decision-making, we deliver exceptional, tailored solutions that are best suited to the demands of the application and help our customers achieve success in the evolving automotive landscape.

Enhancing future mobility through innovative solutions

Our customers benefit from more than 150 years of expertise and process competence

Thermal systems are critical for overall energy management in electrified vehicles. An ineffective system can greatly impact the vehicle's reliability, performance, range, and durability. Through in-depth analysis and precise understanding of our customer's requirements, we ensure that our solutions meet their expectations and deliver optimal performance and comfort. We also use our experience and expertise to assist our customers in revising their requirements.

Our seamless and collaborative development process involves constant dialogue and feedback, allowing us to address any challenges and refine our solutions. Together with our customers, we co-create innovative and efficient thermal management solutions that drive the future of mobility. 

The key benefits of Continental's thermal management systems

Enhancing Mobility

Continental has extensive testing and simulation capabilities. Your tailor
made solution is our goal. 


Taking a unique and collaborative approach to successful product development

We create, refine, prototype, and validate designs to enable efficient vehicle thermal management

In research and development centers around the world, our experts are dedicated to developing innovative materials and solutions for thermal management that improves vehicle perfomance and reduces CO2 emissions. Our Thermal Engineering Services department collaborates closely with our Material Development team to create viable solutions and identify material alternatives for a more sustainable product portfolio. 


The product is developed and planned, with the requirements and goals clearly defined and Continental stepping into the process early to understand the customer needs and even enrich the solution. 


Based on the conceptualization, the product is translated into a tangible and viable design. 


The product is analyzed through various simulations, to optimize performance and functionality. 

Prototyping and TestingPrototyping and Testing

The product is made as a prototype and tested in thermal management situations, to identify issues and refine the product through the prototyping process.


The product receives final approval and is manufactured, launched and made available. 

Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement

Throughout its lifecycle, the product is continuously monitored and improved to enhance performance, quality, and customer satisfaction.

The right product for the right solution and application

Continental offers a comprehensive portfolio of thermal solutions

Our products and solutions cover the complete range of thermal management line systems connecting the components of the thermal system, enabling the exchange of thermal energy between different components in the vehicle, to bring heating or cooling to where it is most needed and help the overall efficiency of the vehicle. Our products are available in multiple regions such as Europe, North Africa, North America, South America, and China and include internal heat exchangers and R744 (CO2), as well as heating and cooling lines for all kind of electric vehicles (BEV, HEV, FCEV) and internal combustion engines (ICE).

Continental stands for efficient and sustainable solutions.

Unlocking the benefits of strategic partnerships and global coverage

Continental is uniquely positioned to develop and produce entire thermal management line systems

In the challenging and transitioning automotive industry, there is a lot to be gained from working closely with an established and experienced global partner. Continental can develop and deliver complete thermal management line systems tailored to the needs of our customers. We also have unique expertise in integrating rubber hoses with metal and plastic pipes and fittings. Thanks to our wide range of materials, its processing expertise and connection solutions we strive to be your supplier of choice.



Service Portfolio

Service Portfolio



Risk Minimizing

Risk Minimizing

Ressource Optimization

Ressource Optimization

Embracing the challenges that the automotive industry is facing

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Thermal management in a vehicle is no longer just about keeping an engine cool. We provide adaptable service offerings, strive for continuous improvement, and focus on developing sustainable mobility solutions tailored to the electrified era. Close collaboration with our customers is integral to navigating the complex business landscape, which sometimes necessitates challenging traditional practices. 

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Continental is committed to clean air and a better quality of life for all. 100% emission-free driving along with emission-free industrial products and factories by 2050 are the main goals of our sustainability strategy. We will continue to offer our customers new material solutions that keep in mind the end-of-life of the products and help pave the way towards a circular economy.

Read more about Continental's Comprehensive Sustainability Framework.

Harnessing our core competencies to benefit our customers

Continental is dedicated to developing solutions that help our customers go further, more comfortably

Higher performance level and improved comfort

Higher performance level and improved comfort 

Material expertise and seamless integration

Material expertise and seamless integration

150 years of experience and process expertise

150 years of experience and process expertise

Innovation for efficient thermal management

Innovation for efficient thermal management


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