Continental's Material Experts on a Mission Towards Sustainable Industry Solutions

As a sustainable supplier for a variety of industries, we are dedicated to developing material-driven solutions that address challenges our world is facing. Combating climate change and reducing its impacts, together with our partners along the value chain, is a task we are committed to. The precise understanding of the resources we use, combined with our passion and curiosity to develop resourceful solutions with best performance, help to create a more sustainable future for all. Ensuring 100% Carbon Neutrality along our value chain and a 100% Circular Economy play a key role here.

  • Continental ambition: Carbon Neutrality
  • Continental ambition: Emission free
  • Continental ambition: Circular economy
  • Continental Ambition: Responsible value chain

Continental's Comprehensive Sustainability Framework

With our sustainability framework we drive the ongoing transformation of the economy towards a healthy ecosystem for sustainable mobility and industry. We are committed to strong and visionary ambitions, which we want to achieve by 2050 at the latest. Since 2011, Continental has been publishing an annual sustainability report for our stakeholders who want to know what principles we follow and how we measure our sustainability performance. Click here for all reports.

Our Focus for the Industries

Different industries face different challenges when addressing climate change. Our experts know that and tackle these challenges passionately. To achieve our ambitions we focus on the following topics that support our diverse customers on the path to CO2 neutrality and zero waste.

Carbon Neutrality

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

Our roadmap shows in which areas of the value chain we are emitting CO2, to which extent and how we can operate completely CO2 net neutral.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable Materials

We aim to replace fossil based with sustainable materials in all our products to pave the way toward circular economy.

Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

We aim to ensure a sustainable supplier base by striving for a circular economy, saving CO2, managing risks proactively and acting transparently.

Product End of Life Treatment

Product End Of Life Treatment

We take responsibility for our own product recycling or ensure our products are circular within industry recycling pathways.

Green OperationsGreen Operations

At our worldwide plants, we are committed to sustainable, green business practices that protect people, nature and the environment.

Circular Economy ProductsCircular Economy Products

We aim to establish an EcoDesign in all our products to ensure resource retaining by closed loops.

To achieve these ambitions, we have set ourselves specific targets.

Our Roadmap to CO2 Neutrality and Zero Waste in Our Industries


  • End of life treatment or solutions for all our products independent from scoring available
  • 100% T1 strategic supplier with an accepted sustainability performance to industry standards
  • 100% natural rubber from sustainable origins
  • 20% reduction of energy consumption
  • Increasing waste for recovery quota to 95%
  • Reduce waste generation by 2% each year relative to sales
  • Decrease water withdrawal by 4% p. a. in high-risk water regions and by 2% p. a.  in moderate-risk water regions relative to sales


  • Alternative solutions for chemical recycling available


  • Carbon Net Neutrality of own emissions (scope 1 & 2)
  • 100% CO2 reduction at our operations vs. 2021


  • Carbon Net Neutrality along entire value chain (scope 3)
  • Closed resource and product cycles
  • 100% sustainable materials at all ContiTech products

Our Material Experts in Action

From material selection to customer advice to product development – we have experts in each area who know best what needs to be considered to reach carbon neutrality and fulfill the vision of a circular economy. Find out how we are contributing to a better tomorrow in the different industries.
Michael Schwegmann

Right Mix for Cool Sneakers?

No Problem!

Our compounding experts develop sustainable sole rubbers in collaboration with Monaco Ducks.

"We place great emphasis on sustainable and CO2-reduced raw materials, the proof of origin of these materials and correspondingly transparent supply chains."

Michael Schwegmann, Head of R&D Compounding

Team up for Sustainable Materials

We Combine our Skills and Work Closely Together to Holistically Design More Sustainable Materials

"We need to consider the choice of material, the product design and production as well as the recycling capabilities when designing products that are increasingly sustainable."

Daniel Biensfeld,
Head of Innovation Field Sustainable Materials

A Surface Material that Combines more Sustainability, Comfort and Design?

Our Pure White Synthetics Delivers on all Three.

"We always strive for creating more sustainable solutions – without compromising on our design and functionality standards."

Gabriele Wittmann,
Research and Development for Surface Solution Business

Thorsten Neumann

Cold Coffee? No Way!

We Reuse Old Coffee Grounds to Manufacture Sustainable, Artificial Leather.

"Circular economy starts with smart ideas to not only recycle, but also reuse raw materials in order to contribute to a complete picture of a sustainable product."

Thorsten Neumann, Head of Research Coating
and Andreas Heckel, Development Specialist

Green News

Read More About our Sustainability Efforts at Continental Industry


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