Sybercord Steel Cord Technology

The next generation of steel cord belting

Conveyor belts with Sybercord steel cords as tension member give a higher dynamical breaking load, with a simultaneous reduction of the cord diameter, compared to a standard steel cord belt. The design of the cord provides optimal corrosion resistance. Furthermore, Sybercord steel cords are far more flexible than any other steel cord used for the manufacturing of conveyor belts.

7 x 19 Sybercord construction: compact cord construction, completely filled with rubber

The special Sybercord cord design in combination with highest manufacturing and quality standards in combination with our advanced splicing technology provides a unique, reliable and unmatched product, performing on the highest level.

Sybercord steel cords are optimized in terms of construction and design, utilized materials and processing technologies.
Sybercord construction
  • Higher dynamic efficiency of splice and belt
  • Less complex splice design due to thinner cables and less splice steps
  • Potential to use smaller pulleys at the conveyor system as the cords are thinner
  • Operational safety: Less maintenance costs due to better corrosion protection of cords
  • Costs saving due to less belt weight
  • Transportation of all types of material
Product Range
  • Available for ST3500 up to ST10000

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