Sybercord Technology

The next generation of steelcord belting

SybercordOur special Sybercord cord design is unmatched when it comes to high performance. We utilize the highest manufacturing and quality standards in the industry and combine it with our advanced splicing technology. This allows us to optimize Sybercord's steel cord design, construction, materials and processing technology.

7 x 19 Sybercord construction: compact cord construction, completely filled with rubber

Conveyor belts with Sybercord steel cords as tension member give a higher dynamical breaking load, with a simultaneous reduction of the cord diameter, compared to a standard steel cord belt. The design of the cord provides optimal corrosion resistance. Furthermore, Sybercord steel cords are far more flexible than any other steel cord used for the manufacturing of conveyor belts.

Sybercord construction


  • Higher dynamic belt and splice efficiency
  • Less complex splice with fewer stages
  • Potential for reduced pulley diameters
  • Improved corrosion protection lowers maintenance costs 
  • Lighter belt weight reduces energy consumption


  • Transportation of all types of material

Product Range

  • Available for ST3500 up to ST10000

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