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Steer-by-wire points to the future

With steer-by-wire, the mechanical connection to the steering wheel is eliminated and the steering system is driven purely electrically.

As a result, every turn of the steering wheel is detected by sensors that communicate driving and steering commands to the steering system in the form of electronic signals.

For vehicle manufacturers, steer-by-wire opens up completely new possibilities for vehicle interior design. Soon, for example, drivers will be able to switch from Comfort to Supersport mode at the touch of a button or position the steering wheel anywhere in the vehicle interior.

In view of this field of application, the demands on the belts are accordingly high. They have to provide extreme tensile strength, high kink resistance, as well as a long service life. As an essential component of a steer-by-wire steering system, the belt needs to provide for direct steering transmission. This applies in particular to vehicles with autonomous assistance functions, which can override a driver’s steering error as required to safely stabilize the car. The safety of the technology is enhanced through the redundant protection of electronic steering system components.

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We are the driver of new technologies

Steer-by-wire technology is already being installed in the first car models today. In the next three to four years, demand is set to grow significantly because the future of driving is fully electric and autonomous. At Continental, we have made it our mission to use our more than 150 years of experience in automotive powertrains to actively shape the future of mobility and establish safe technologies as standard in the shortest possible time. The SLT product family offers optimal solutions for a wide range of electromechanical applications in modern vehicles.