Rollers for the Metal Foil Industry

The elastic coverings applied to rollers are essential and indispensable mechanical elements that allow for the careful and cost-effective processing of rolled belt materials manufactured from steel, stainless steel or non-iron metals. Whether they are used for pre-processing, finishing, curing, coating or belt processing, our rollers fulfil a range of important functions. The various mechanical, chemical and thermal demands require rollers that offer excellent stability.

  • Traction, transport and guide rollers
  • Spreader rollers
  • Laminating rollers, anti-adhesive and temperature resistant
  • Pressure rollers and embossing rollers offering a diverse range of hardnesses
  • Varnishing rollers, swell resistant and high-quality surface finish
  • Flexoprint rollers and immersion rollers, sleeve version also available
  • Flexoprint rollers, sleeve version with gravure also available
  • Gravure pressure rollers, conical sleeve version also available
  • Polyurethane rollers

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