Rollers for the Metal Foil Industry

Processing metal with rollers from Continental is easy, thanks to the correct hardness, balanced dynamics, and tight manufacturing tolerances.

A roller that fits perfectly with the system and works precisely, is easy to maintain, one that overcomes the special mechanical, chemical, and thermal challenges while maintaining perfect stability – a roller from Continental. 

Sharp-edged materials Machining and refining places high demands on the surface properties of a roller. For this reason, an elastic roller coating is a particularly crucial element in minimizing wear and preventing incisions in the roller or the intake of the covers.

Rolled strip materials of steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals are easy to process: with our highly specialized rollers and rolls. They are elastically coated for the perfect pre-treatment, finishing, post-treatment, coating and strip processing of your product. Even for innovative product ideas, we're there for you with our expertise as a partner.

Rollers from Continental are reliable at every point along the process and consistently deliver excellent results.

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    Deflection roller

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