Rollers for the Printing/Packaging Industry

Put the focus on plastic, paper and cardboard packaging with Continental rollers and sleeves: visually appealing thanks to the individual embossing, printing and varnishing options.

From a wafer-thin to a very thick substrate, from crinkly foil to firmly crimped laminated material, from smooth surfaces to wavy, every packaging solution requires individual processing. That’s why a highly-specialized roller coating or a precisely tailored sleeve is an essential requirement for a perfect print job. A roller that’s resistant to oil, solvents, UV, ozone, is antistatic or abrasion-resistant, depending on the requirements – a roller from Continental.

Individual variety of the different materials meets precisely fitting rollers and sleeves from our extensive portfolio. In this way, you can print, finish and process plastic, paper or cardboard in the highest quality. 

High-precision embossing and highly accurate color gradients for visually perfect packaging are easy to achieve with the sleeves and rollers from Continental. 

All sleeves and rollers are reliable at all stages of the process and consistently deliver excellent results.
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