Surface scanner makes conveyor belt damage visible

ContiTech-Systems make servicing easier and spot damages early.

Surface Scanner Makes Conveyor Belt Damage Visible

Conveyor belts are the heart of many transport systems. When damage occurs, it may result in an extended system downtime and the entire production chain frequently collapses. This in turn results in high sales losses for the mine operators. Therefore operators should focus more and more on prevention. With the Conti Inspect systems for servicing, and the Conti Protect systems for monitoring during operation, ContiTech provides the right solutions for these jobs. All the systems meet high quality standards and therefore guarantee a high level of safety.

Damage to the conveyor belt surface is a typical defect. This often occurs in systems in which the impacting material subjects the surface to a particularly high load. To identify damages early and in detail, intensive servicing is necessary, which is very time-consuming and involves a large number of people.

To help customers with servicing, ContiTech has developed the mobile inspection system Conti SurfaceInspect. Using ultra-modern line laser technology, this system scans the entire conveyor belt surface. On the basis of the height profile that is identified, it creates a digital belt map on which all cover plate damage is recorded and can therefore be examined more closely. In an automatically generated report, ContiTech provides all relevant information about the damage. These analyses offer an ideal basis for systematically recording surface damage, preparing cover plate repairs, and making predictions about the conveyor belt's service life.

Conti SurfaceInspect is rounded off by two further Conti Inspect systems: Ergänzt wird das Angebot durch zwei weitere Conti-Inspect-Systeme: By means of triangulation sensors, Conti WearInspect measures the cover plate thickness over the entire belt length on the pulley and carrying side. Hereby it detects systematic wear. If damage occurs inside the carcass of the steel cord conveyor belt, it can be detected with Conti CordInspect.

Surface Scanner Makes Conveyor Belt Damage Visible

Conti Protect: providing protection from total failures

Larger pieces of damage such as longitudinal slitting and splice faults on the conveyor belt can have serious consequences for system operation, and lead to total failures in a worst-case scenario. Conti Protect monitoring systems help to detect such damage at an early stage during operation, and automatically stop the system if necessary. The systems range from monitoring the length and stretch of the conveyor belt splices (Conti SpliceProtect) up to a detailed examination of steel cord conveyor belts possible by means of x-ray technology (Conti TotalProtect).