Cleated Belts

Continental Select is dedicated to equipping your operation for the most grueling conveying applications. Whether you are dealing with steep inclines or simply need extra support to move material, we offer a wide range of U- and V-shaped cleated belts. Continental Select cleated belts are ideal for conveying materials such as stone, sand, gravel, various wood products and a multitude of recycling products by taking advantage of the many custom profiles and cleat designs that are available. No matter how demanding your job is, get it done more efficiently with Continental Select.

Cleated belt compounds

  • Grade II
  • Protector
  • Defender Plus
  • Stacker
  • MOR
  • MORS

Cleated belts


Wave Grip

Wave Grip is a continuous cleat pattern. The cleats are 6" in width on 6" centers and 1/4" in height. Wave Grip is the most common cleated belt pattern. Cleat Height: 1/4 in.


Wave Grip Plus

Wave Grip Plus is a unique continuous chevron pattern which allows for quiet transition with little vibration. Suitable for a wide variety of products. Quite popular in the package handling industry. Cleat Height: 1/8 in.


Bucket Grip

Bucket Grip cleats are 3/16 in height, 2" wide with 1" spacing between cleats. Bucket Grip is excellent for conveying fine bulk materials. Excellent for bulk material. Full width slit-able construction. Cleat Height: 3/16 in.


Bucket Grip II

Bucket Grip II features a repeating cleat 1/4" in height x 3/8" in width and is fully slit-able. Cleat Height: ¼ in.



Signal offers good load carrying capability with cleats that are ½” high x 1/2" in depth. The angle between side cleats is 78°, which helps steer the load centrally on the belt. Suitable for larger material size. Cleat Height: 1/2 in.



Backbone is perfect to move bulk material up an incline. A smooth and quiet return are provided by this extraordinary pattern. Backbone is 3/4" high x 3/4" deep cleat with a 30° bevel. Cleat angle side to side is 90 degrees. Suitable for bulky material on incline. Cleat Height: 3/4 in.


Backbone Plus

Backbone Plus is a unique stepped cleat design 1  1/4" in height on a 23° angle with the side-by-side cleat at 90°. Cleats are spaced 9" apart to allow product to settle on steep inclines. Overlapping cleats and beveled cleat end provide quiet return. Cleat Height: 1 1/4 in.



Flux staggered chevron pattern allows water and small material to roll back through 6" gap. Cleats are 1" in height x 1" in width at an 85° angle and 12" spacing. Full 1" x 1" pattern helps carry large particle sizes up steep inclines. Great where water flow is essential. Cleat Height: 1 in.


Ultra Shift

Ultra Shift is a large bucket pattern with cleats 1/2" in height and 1/2" wide on a 30° bevel with cleats at 6" intervals. Design enhances smooth transition with minimal vibration. Cleat Height: 1/2 in.


Ultra Shift II

Ultra Shift II has similar cleat dimensions as Ultra Shift. However, Ultra Shift II’s inward slant of the cleats helps to keep product centrally located on the belt. Cleat Height: 1/2 in.


Master Grip

Suitable for aggregate, sand and gravel applications. Common use is stone flinger belt. Cleat Height: 3/8 in.


Crest Grip

Crest Grip can be found in the roofing industry. Belt width is typically 14" with cleat pattern 8" or 10" in width and 2" in height. Cleat Height: 2 in.



Quadgrip impression top surfaces are 1/8" (3 mm) in height and are ideal for transporting a wide variety of products from packaging to lumber yards. Available in Black, Blue and Tan. Cleat Height: 1/8 in.



Specifically designed for the transportation of wood chips and fiber products. Summit's unique design allows for water to be dispersed. Summit is also suitable for conveying packages and lumpy products. Maximum angle of inclination is up to 35°. Cleat Height: 1/8 in.



Pointer is ideal for transport on inclined conveyors and designed primarily for transport of wood chips, fiber products, parceled and lumpy goods. Cleat Height: 1/8 in.


Diamond Grip I

Diamand Grip I is recommended for handling smaller lumps and can be cleaned with soft rubber scrapers. Cleat Height: 1/16 in.


Diamond Grip II

Diamand Grip II is recommended for handling larger lumps and can be cleaned with soft rubber scrapers. Cleat Height: 1/8 in.