Panel Films Vol. D

for Passenger and Commercial Vehicles

The dynamics of global trends are changing the design of vehicle interiors and require new design approaches. What is required is the efficient implementation of the variety of versions with respect to application and design as well as a cost-effective production with flexible tool and plant technology. Use of an innovative and economical laminating technology that enables a range of applications.

Several design printings matching to new mobility concepts

The Panel Films Vol. D design collection demonstrates that there are design alternatives for the interior that break new ground. The wood, textile, stone, and hybrid look are modern and unconventional for the applications. However, they are also consistent because the car becomes a third space that combines living space, mobile space, office, and wellness area. As a result, surfaces must exude an air of coziness and comfort as well as coolness. They must be robust and easy to clean. At the same time, they must be applicable to all components and impressive from a technical standpoint.

The design collection Panel Films Vol. D – the D stands for design – presents nonexclusive design surfaces that set standards. The TPO-foam film is laminated or deep-drawn onto components for the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets.

Combination of print decors and embossed structures with tactile appeal

This allows clients to utilize trendy designs for their vehicles without the time and expense otherwise needed for development work. With the design collection Panel Films Vol. D, Continental is reacting to the growing demand for quickly available, high quality interior materials. The designs and colors were inspired by and derived from the themes of the Continental TrendCode – the general design guideline for design development.

We are reimagining automobile interiors. Here, we present the surfaces for that.


  • Up to 60% lighter in weight than PVC slush skins
  • Several design printings matching to new mobility concepts
  • High grain retention and homogeneous surface appearance assure geometrical designs

Technical Data

  • High aging resistance
  • Free of halogens and plasticizers
  • Applications: Instrument Panel, Doors/Sides/Center Console, Pillar/Cover Panel/Storage Areas


Nordic Elm

Nordic Elm
The natural effect of wood is unsurpassed. The Nordic Elm design brings Scandinavian coziness to the interior. It looks elegant, exudes warmth and originality, and thus contributes significantly to the feeling of comfort. The printed design is enhanced by an impressive embossing.

Lucca Fabric

Lucca Fabric
The appearance of the very detailed, two-tone textile surface is particularly exciting. The design Lucca Fabric interprets the textile trend in a very realistic manner for the whole interior and ensures a comfortable touch, coupled with a splash of casualness and coolness.

Falun Fabric

Falun Fabric
A classic among textile designs has come into style once more and can be seen in new contexts. The design Falun Fabric builds on the design tradition of the herringbone fabric pattern and exudes a feeling of comfort and well-being. This is matched by the expressive textile feel.

Soft Concrete

Soft Concrete
Playing with expectations: with its robust concrete look, the softness of the surface ensures surprise. The clear, minimalistic, and futuristic look of the design Soft Concrete reflects a timeless trend. Delicate embossing gives the surface a smooth feel.

City Cubes

City Cubes
The technical look of the City Cubes design fits perfectly into urban environments. Strictly geometric and precisely arranged, the design conveys a 3D effect due to an optical illusion. The graphic detail makes this spatial depth look modern. Its smooth, pleasant surface matches the virtual world.

Technical Values

Material Construction

1 | Lacquer Finish

2 | Compact Layer

3 | Foam Layer

4 | Backside Primer
Material Construction
Construction Foam Laminate
Thickness 1.7 mm – 4.3 mm
Applications Instrument Panel, Doors/Sides/Center Console, Pillar/Cover Panel/Storage Areas
Backing None
Processing Method Press Lamination