We're Rethinking the Beer Purity Law.

After all, with tradition comes responsibility.

More than 500 years of the German Beer Purity Law: A tradition that brings certain obligations. That's why we're rethinking it. After all, product purity needs to be ensured at all stages of the process chain. Consequently, the purity of the ingredients is every bit as important as that of the brewing equipment. The PURPLE SNAKE® premium brewery hose is part of that.



ContiTech develops specific elastomer compounds from over 20 different types of rubber. These compounds are designed to meet the specific requirements of the brewing industry. The result is our brewing hose  PURPLE SNAKE®. 



When constructing the hose, we combine the flexibility of rubber with the strength of high-quality reinforcement materials and the food safety integrity of the extruded liner. Professional customizing of the highest standard.



A fitting that is compression-molded with the high-tech hose is the non plus ultra in cleanliness because both components fit into each other seamlessly. Germ cavities and turbulence are thus things of the past.



The liner's smooth surface makes child’s play of cleaning. In-depth product training as well as a comprehensive resistance list support the durability of the PURPLE SNAKE®.

pure beer

Pure Inside.

Pure beer.

The PURPLE SNAKE® is 100% taste-neutral and exceptionally easy to clean thanks to its smooth-as-glass inner tube. It's no accident that the high-end hose from ContiTech is the number one among brewers and is now available in an improved formula.

The liner of the PURPLE SNAKE® is neither wound nor sewn, but extruded – and so it looks like it emerged from a mold. This makes it homogeneous, smooth, and impervious. Germ cavities thus have no chance. Nor does the white, high-performance special inner lining of the PURPLE SNAKE® give off any odors or flavors to the medium flowing through it. A liner as pure as the beer you drink. The PURPLE SNAKE® can also resist temperatures up to +90° C as well as the usual cleaning and disinfection agents. The PURPLE SNAKE® thus meets the requirements laid down in EC decrees 1935/2004 and 2023/2006, as well as recommendation XXI cat. 2 of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and FDA (21 CFR 177.2600).

Purple Snake

The Art of Brewing Calls for the Best Ingredients.

The same goes for engineering.

An engineer from ContiTech is like a master brewer: Always thinking about the best formula. One of the results is the PURPLE SNAKE®. In addition to its high degree of purity, it combines impressive robustness, durability, and an ideal price–performance ratio over its entire service life.



No Experimentation?

But of course!

Delivery reliability and comprehensive support by means of a dense network of dealers. From consultancy and delivery, via assembly and training, right up to servicing. Cooperation in standardization committees – because our expertise is called for. Resistance list: detailed information about cleaning and disinfection agents, duration of exposure, operating temperatures, and concentrations. Where else can you find that?

Made in Germany.

For unbounded flavor possibilities.

Highly stringent standards apply to the manufacture of brewery hoses. We therefore test our products in near-authentic operating conditions. That's what gives them their high degree of reliability – not only the PURPLE SNAKE®, but also our other high-performance hoses for the food and beverage industry.

My Purity Law:

Hops. Barley. PURPLE SNAKE®.

One thing is clear: The pure art of brewing requires pure products. That's why brewers choose the PURPLE SNAKE®.

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