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"The aggregates sector will continue to grow"

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"The aggregates sector will continue to grow"

Pete Radding, responsible for Distribution Sales in North and South America, explains the importance of aggregates for global markets and provides an outlook on future demand.

Pete Radding

Question 1

Compared with other aggregate types, how important is the extraction of sand and gravel for this industry?


This is a very important sector, especially given the boom in the construction industry. The aggregate conveyor belt industry is the third largest segment we serve in the USA, after thermal coal and hardrock mining.


Question 2

How important is this industry for Continental?


As a company, we operate in more than 130 countries. Our global share in the aggregate industry is over 20 percent, driven by North America and western Europe. In North America, we are a leading supplier by market share for the aggregates and sand industries.


Question 3

What products and services do you offer for the aggregates industry?


We provide our aggregate and sand customers with engineering expertise and an extensive belt portfolio covering varying performance levels for their diverse application needs. We have best-in-class compounds that can more than double the life in a given application as well as next-generation textile constructions to mitigate damage even in the most severe of applications. In addition, we provide monitoring systems and services to maximize production and mitigate downtime. With more than 150 years of product, material and digital expertise, Continental is well positioned to help customers in the aggregate and sand industry thrive into the future.


Question 4

How are you organized internally?


Rather than focusing exclusively on the aggregates sector, our sales associates cover a geographical area in which aggregates and sand may play a large role. Thus, we create synergies and gain experience across industries. For example, our R&D experts develop products for both the hardrock mining and aggregates markets, as in both industries a similar plant layout and set of needs are required.


Question 5

What will customers ask in the future?


Customer needs will be dominated by digital solutions. Companies want to understand how their belt and conveyor components are performing. This helps them to plan their budgets for the replacement of belts and components, which can be very expensive.


Question 6

How will demand for aggregates change in the coming years?


Generally, the aggregates segment will continue to grow in the coming years. The rate of growth will be relative to regional housing, construction and road projects.

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