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"The change has already started"

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"The change has already started"

Con Michaels, Director Sales Segment APAC, talks about customer needs in the hardrock mining industry and explains the importance of a comprehensive service portfolio.

Con Michaels

Question 1

What is the biggest challenge that the mining sector is currently dealing with?


We are facing several challenges at once. In my opinion, increasing sustainability, enhancing safety and incorporating the latest in digital and low-emission technologies are the most important areas we need to focus on in the coming years.


Question 2

How high is the demand for sustainable solutions in the industry?


The importance of sustainability is growing strongly. We saw this recently at the IME 2022 in India, which was attended by the leading mining equipment and machinery manufacturers from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe.


Question 3

What are customers looking for in this context?


They are asking for comprehensive conveyor belt services. Installation, maintenance, disposal – customers are increasingly looking at the entire life cycle. And with our portfolio, we are already meeting this demand. We have collected our offers under the name SMACT, which stands for Service, Materials, Accessories Components and Tools.


Question 4

To what extent will customer needs change in the future?


The change has already started. Major Tier 1 mining houses are looking for conveying solutions that reduce their carbon footprint. Moreover, the demand for smart technology solutions and sustainable services is increasing.


Question 5

Why does service play an increasingly important role in this business?


Hardrock mining operations are looking for bundling solutions and value propositions that incorporate belting and digital technologies. Service is critical in being able to offer installation and splicing of belts, providing a full suite of conveyor products and supporting digital solutions.

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