Modern Surfaces Require Original Design Approaches

The Automobile Interior is Undergoing Change

Current trends in the automotive industry like e-mobility, shared mobility and autonomous driving, increase the industry’s expectations and demands placed on interior materials. These trends shift the focus to the inside of vehicles. Especially, surfaces are being given more attention to. So that they must meet strict design standards, while simultaneously fitting into the new mobility concepts. Surfaces therefore need to become more flexible and diverse in function and esthetic.

It has always been important for us to take the environment and our surroundings into consideration, when developing and coming up with new innovative ideas. On the one hand, we are working on how we could make our customers feel in tune with their vehicle. And on the other hand, we are trying to learn from new living concepts and applying these to surface materials for the automotive industry.

Panel Films

Panel Films Vol. D

for Passenger & Commercial Vehicles

The Panel Films Vol. D design collection demonstrates that there are design alternatives for the interior that break new ground and set standards.

The wood, textile, stone, and hybrid look are modern and unconventional for the applications. However, they are also consistent because the car becomes a third space that combines living space, mobile space, office, and wellness area. As a result, it is important that surfaces exude an air of coziness, comfort as well as coolness. They must be robust and easy to clean, applicable to all components and impressive from a technical standpoint.

High Quality Interior Materials

Nonexclusive Design Surfaces That Set Standards

Did you know that the “D” in Panel Films Vol. D stands for Design? Design is and has always been our main trigger. Design should be available to all, it shouldn’t be made exclusive and impossible to reach. This is what we provide.

The combination of print decors and embossed structures with tactile appeal allows clients to utilize trendy designs for their vehicles without the time and expense otherwise needed for development work.

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Why Panel Films Vol. D?

The design collection Panel Films Vol. D is Continental’s response to the rapidly growing demand for quickly available, high-quality interior materials.

Panel Films Vol. D presents nonexclusive design surfaces that set standards. The foam is laminated or deep-drawn onto components for the passenger car and commercial vehicle markets.

By combining print decors and embossed structures with tactile appeal, clients are able to individualize their vehicles with trendy designs. The great advantage is that customers needn’t spend additional time and/ or expense into development work, and still gain a high-quality result.

We are reimagining automobile interiors.

Panel Films

Nordic Elm

The Nordic Elm design brings Scandinavian coziness to the interior. It looks elegant, exudes warmth and originality, and thus contributes significantly to the feeling of comfort.

Nordic Elm
Panel Films

Lucca Fabric

The design Lucca Fabric interprets the textile trend in a very realistic and exciting way. Its detailed, two-tone surface ensures a comfortable and casual touch.

Lucca Fabric

Continental TrendCode

Designs and colors were inspired by and derived from the themes of the Continental TrendCode – the general design guideline for design development.

Our inspiration pictures shown in the collection represent pictures derived from the day-to-day life. They are derived from nature, living trends, urban and industrial styles, as well as many other trends, which have ignited and triggered us to create the Panel Films Vol. D collection.

Panel Films

Falun Fabric

Falun Fabric, a classic amongst the textile designs, has come into style once more. Bringing design tradition and an expensive textile feel together.

Falun Fabric

Design Advantages

Design printings matching to new mobility concepts

Combination of print decors and embossed structures with tactile appeal

Up to 60% lighter in weight

Several design printings matching new mobility concepts

Panel Films

Soft Concrete

The clear, minimalistic and futuristic look of the design Soft Concrete reflects a timeless trend. Delicate embossing gives the surface a smooth feel.

Soft Concrete

Product Benefits

High grain retention and homogeneous surface appearance assure geometrical designs

High aging resistance

Free of halogens and plasticizers

Wide range of colors and design grain patterns

Panel Films

City Cubes

The City Cubes design fits perfectly into urban environments, with its graphic detail and 3D effect. The smooth pleasant surface matches the virtual world and provides a modern look.

City Cubes

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Information on Panel Films Vol. D

For further technical and material construction information, visit the Panel Films Vol. D product detail page.

The designs from the Panel Films Vol. D collection can be used for the following applications.

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    Door, Side Panels & Center Console for Passenger Cars

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  • Instrument Panels PC

    Instrument Panels for Passenger Cars

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  •  Pillar/Panel/Storage Areas PC

    Pillars, Decorative Features & Storage Areas for Passenger Cars

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  • Door/Side/Resting Area CV

    Door, Side and Resting Area for Commercial Vehicles

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  • Instrument Panels CV

    Instrument Panels for Commercial Vehicles

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  • Pillar/Panels/Storage Areas CV

    Pillars, Panels and Storage Areas for Commercial Vehicles

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