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 80 hoses and lines for the high-horsepower tractor

80 hoses and lines for the high-horsepower tractor

Home Media Stories 80 hoses and lines for the high-horsepower tractor

80 hoses and lines for the high-horsepower tractor

In its new top-of-the-range model, too, tractor manufacturer Fendt is committed to using ContiTech’s reliable lines – no fewer than 80 of which can be found in each vehicle. Also on board: Yorn® foil from Benecke-Kaliko ensures interior trim in the cab with an easy-to-clean soft-touch surface and pleasant tactile qualities.

80 Hoses and Lines for the High-Horsepower Tractor“German Meisterwerk” – you’ll be looking in vain if you expect modesty when tractor manufacturer Fendt talks about its 1000 Vario high-horsepower tractor, which it dubs a “German Masterpiece”. Modesty would also be out of place as the new top-of-the-range model, delivering 380 to 500 hp, is a particularly high-powered draft tractor which has been specifically designed for the global market.

At a maximum height of 3.60 m and an unladen weight of 14 t, the 1000 Vario is anything but diminutive, but compared with conventional designs in the 500 hp class it is substantially lighter, more maneuverable, with better visibility and thus significantly more versatile.

80 Hoses and Lines for the High-Horsepower TractorAt the agricultural machinery fair Agritechnica, it was elected Machine of the Year. It is designed for a broad range of operations, as it was developed for heavy-duty field work but is also absolutely at home on the road with a maximum speed of up to 60 km/h. Some of the fitting details in this high-horsepower tractor might also surprise you. For instance, a camera integrated in the “Dieselross” badge on the hood offers an excellent view of the front mounting area. Buyers for whom comfort is of particular importance can opt for a heated leather seat with active climate control.

80 Hoses and Lines for the High-Horsepower TractorAnother highlight is the high-performance hydraulic system with two highly efficient hydraulic circuits. The tractor manufacturer again makes use of ContiTech Mobile Fluid Systems’ reliable hydraulic lines, which withstand enormous pressures of up to 270 bar, e.g. hose assemblies and pipes for the steering, front and rear power lifts, valve timing, basic hydraulic circuit etc. ContiTech also supplies hoselines and pipes for the suspension system, gearbox, tire pressure regulating system, engine coolant bleed system, coolant circuit, steering lines, brake system lines and SCR exhaust treatment system – in total, 80 different components.

“Our many years of joint design experience mean that we are in a position to design even large packages and deliver samples and construction stage parts within a short period of time,” says Frank Weiher, a designer at ContiTech Techno-Chemie in Hoppegarten, where the hydraulic lines are manufactured. That is because a great deal can now be adapted relatively straightforwardly from the basic range of products which ContiTech supplies to the long-time customer. After all, the design departments of the two companies have had a particularly close working relationship for at least 20 years, and Fendt also relies on ContiTech’s proven lines in its other agricultural machines.

The high-horsepower tractor is fitted with a compact MAN 12.4-liter, six-cylinder engine which comes in four power output classes. This, too, contains numerous hoses and lines from ContiTech. For example, the company supplies lines in a high-temperature finish for 230 to 250°C for managing the exhaust gas recirculation system. It also provides a high-temperature water hose for up to 190°C to supply cooling water to the compressor head of the air compressor installed. The hose was specifically designed for areas where the lines pass very close to a heat source, such as the turbocharger, and where a PA pipe would no longer withstand the temperatures.

ContiTech is also represented in the x5-S cab, which is a completely new design intended to maximize working comfort, and protects the operator against freezing. A line installed in an air-conditioning tray for the heater circuit is supplied directly to Fendt. Two other lines go initially to Denso, a supplier in Italy. There they are installed in a module used for transporting heating-circuit water. “For these two articles Fendt specified that the hoses required must be sourced from us since we spent a good six months modifying a hose so that it withstands an operating pressure of 5 bar,” reports Jörg Kirchschlager from Waltershausen, where the hoses are manufactured. Competitors’ hoses had failed at these high pressures. In the first field-tested tractors the heating system could not be operated because of these failures.

The articles from Waltershausen, on the other hand, passed all the tests both at Fendt and at ContiTech without any failures. ContiTech’s Benecke-Kaliko business unit is also involved in the cab, for which it supplies its Yorn® foil for the interior trim with an easy-to-clean soft-touch surface with pleasant tactile qualities. In addition to its soft-touch finish, the environment-friendly, cost-efficient interior trim solution also offers a wide range of colors and grain designs. Its broad processing window provides additional flexibility. Furthermore, Continental supplies numerous additional components like the central instrument cluster in the cockpit.