New ContiTech lightweight air spring reduces weight in commercial vehicles

A Plastic piston reduces weight and increases ride quality.

New ContiTech Lightweight Air Spring
The lightweight air spring with integrated buffer support minimizes weight and increases ride quality.

For use in trucks, ContiTech offers an air spring with an innovative plastic piston in a lightweight design, which further reduces the weight of the vehicle and features an integrated buffer support for the first time. By fully utilizing the inner volume, ride quality is improved meaning that the new lightweight air springs can replace the elastic axle stops. These will be presented for the first time in Europe at IAA Commercial Vehicles.

ContiTech is continuously reducing the weight of its air springs by replacing other steel or aluminum components with plastic components. In developing plastic pistons, Continental has already set new standards. The plastic pistons made using injection molding allow the entire inner volume of the piston to be utilized. The innovative design ensures good ride quality and simplifies installation in the vehicle. Compared with using steel components, the weight of the vehicle can be reduced by 12 kilograms per drive axle with lightweight air springs. The lightweight air springs are extremely corrosion-resistant and durable, which increases the resale value of vehicles.

ContiTech also offers new product solutions to meet the increasing requirements created by small installation spaces, maximum spring travel, and challenging axle angles.

This includes an air spring with an innovative bellows contour for use with lifting leading and trailing axles. The special bellows contour allows for the controlled formation of double folds in an unpressurized state. Thanks to the special design, it is possible to combine a long bellow length with a small installation and compressed height and achieve distinct axle angles. In vehicles, this results in more loading space and maximum flexibility for loading and unloading operations on ramps.