Eco-Friendly Package Printing in Asia

The reprographic establishment Tye Cine in Malaysia purchases flexographic printing products from ContiTech.

Eco-Friendly Package Printing in Asia
Laserline brand printing plates from ContiTech achieve top-class printing quality for package and label printing.

Eco-friendly flexographic printing technology is becoming increasingly popular in Asia: Tye Cine, one of the biggest reprographic establishments in Malaysia, recently invested in direct laser engraving technology. The company purchased the flexographic printing products required for the process from international industry partner ContiTech. 

The advantages over the conventional processes are enormous. Laserline brand printing plates from ContiTech achieve top-class printing quality for package and label printing, even for ultra-fine lines and screen widths of up to 5080 dpi. They are economical as well as energy- and cost-saving. Also, the direct laser engraving technology requires no chemicals and helps to protect the environment.

Direct laser engraving is not yet a widespread technology in Asia. ContiTech recognized this need in the Far East packaging industry early on and successfully convinced Tye Cine – a leading reprographic establishment – to implement flexographic printing technology. Tye Cine installed a direct engraving facility in November, for which ContiTech provides its range of Laserline flexographic printing products, which are ideally suited to the requirements of 3D direct engraving technology. The directly engraved printing plates are used in the printing of packaging for brand articles. To ensure a smooth start to operations, the ContiTech service center in Singapore organized intensive training sessions for its customers, including on the in-house direct laser engraving facility. This facility means that ContiTech can not only demonstrate the high quality and efficiency of its products for the benefit of its customers, but also provide instant support during any bottlenecks.

In addition to the direct engraving facility in Singapore, ContiTech also operates a facility at the ContiTech site in Shanghai (China). As a result, ContiTech is well poised to increase the popularity of direct laser engraving technology in the rapidly growing Asian market.